Watch your Favorite Female Pinoy Rock Vocalists Sing “With a Smile,” Quarantine Style

Today marks the 22nd day of quarantine in most cities in the Philippines. According to our incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, it will be extended to April 30 because our country is not yet on its peak of coronavirus-infections. We hope that it reaches it shortly after the Mass Testing starts (on April 14).

Many of us luckier ones are in the comfort of our homes, with ample food to consume and opportunities to start or further our crafts or any endeavors. For mere consumers especially of art, we have been blessed once again to be gifted of a heartwarming performance of some of the best rock vocalists in the country including Cooky Chua, Aia de Leon, Kris Gorra-Dancel, Cynthia Alexander, Bayang Barrios, Melody del Mundo-Lucas (Sugar Hiccup). The women of rock posted on Youtube their own rendition of “With a Smile” by Eraserheads, quarantine edition.

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The video is simple and raw, which makes it more beautiful. Barbie Almalbis finishes it off with a guitar solo. This project aims to help their fellow musicians’ needs through the KayaKap campaign. Send them a message to donate, or text 0918 935 7013.

Watch the video below:

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