Unique’s Bukod-Tangi Music Video is a 360-Degree Whimsy

As expected from our favorite boy Unique, his recently released music video for Bukod Tangi, which is directed again by himself, is whimsical and quirky. It is the first OPM music video to explore the VR/360° type. If we turn and movie our phones, we see eight Uniques, clad in different suits and glasses, with one whose hair is messy. Unique was also in charge of the cinematography.

The music video is unlike his other creations. It’s pretty cute, maybe something that kikay girls like my sister would enjoy watching, at least for the interiors and colors, except that they will still see a poker-faced but (not-quite) varied facets to Unique’s interesting personality. Unique is sitting on a table full of pastel sweets that he eats in the latter part of the video. It can’t be considered pastel goth, because of the lack of gory accents, but it’s almost close to it if you base it on Unique’s vintage outfits. The whole scenario looks like he’s having a tea party with himself.

There are eight Uniques, so he’s not bukod-tangi. The music video offers a paradox to the song.

VR music videos like this are something that many directors have not explored yet and are marketed towards VR users. If you are a huge fan of Unique, you might wanna get yourself a VR headset for a perfect experience of his music video, with him flaunting his charming idiosyncrasies. The video is quite vintage, a d that’s what Unique is all about, especially after being an ambassador of the Designer brand, Gucci.

I’m pretty sure that new music videos are edited with low-quality enhancers and filters to be hip, vintage, or retro in the indie scene, with the likes of Mac Demarco, Boy Pablo, and in the local music scene, Autoletic and Gibbs (sisters Alyssa and Gab Gibbs) who all have explored this type of music videos. Videos like those are always a 3-7-minute sight to behold. I hope more directors try it out, even without the VR thing. As for Unique, we are given no choice but to certainly look forward to what his next music video’s style would be. 😁

Art by Jim Morada

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