Aldub Tayong Dalawa Commercial: An Emotional Rollercoaster for Aldubnation

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This Aldub Tayong Dalawa commercial review is for my fellow Aldub fans and to all the people continually being brainwashed and trapped by industrialization and the evil that is advertising. I’m a hypocrite, yes I am, and it will further show in this post that me, you, and everyone else cannot escape from this prison.

Last Friday, August 2, the new Mcdonald’s commercial was released. They ought to promote their usual fried chicken and french fries pair. The ad became viral in no time because it unexpectedly featured the now-on-hiatus or maybe almost-gone love team of ALDUB, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. It featured the hashtag #ALDUB159WeekswithMCDO and #AldubMcdoPaRin.

The commercial featured throwbacks on how both actors spent time with each other during the peak of their team-up. Halfway through the tv ad, they are seen doing different things, but then Alden asked Maine to grab something to eat. The song used for the commercial, “Minsan” by the Eraserheads is perfect for their current situation. They even made changes to the lyrics, notably the first verse. Instead of “Minsan sa may Kalayaan,” they made it into “Minsan isang tanghalian,” referring to the Eat Bulaga Problem Solving segment where the two first met in split screens, dubsmashing.

For the past 9 months, there has been an awkwardness between Alden and Maine. One would think that this started when Maine posted an open letter on her Twitter account, but if you watch Eat Bulaga daily, you would’ve already seen the discomfort between the two, even before Maine wrote the controversial letter. Despite their fans’ overbearing support and insistent nature, no one, even their management, could control how the two have become. Nevertheless, Aldubnation remains strong. Several Aldub hashtags still dominate Twitter.

The pair has moved on to each of their own projects. Alden just recently started Victor Magtanggol, and Maine is set to star in a movie produced by Vic Sotto, with Coco Martin as her love interest. The fans remain hopeful, but there have already been speculations that they are slowly ending their team-up. Hence, this throwback and the somehow cryptic commercial was released.

It is no secret that I am an Aldub fan. The commercial truly evoked a lot of emotions within me, even though I am not keen on blogging about large corporations such as Mcdonald’s. I don’t mind blogging about the brand today because I feel grateful to them. Yes, I am a victim of this evil corporate advertising. Don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything from the fast-food chain since the commercial went out.

Why the Aldub Tayong Dalawa Commercial Evoked a Lot of Emotions

We are exposed to many advertisements per day, not just on TV, but on social media, radio, print, apps, etc. According to a study by Dana and David Dornsife of the University of Southern California, an average person can see up to 2 million TV ads in a year. What more if we add the other mediums?

Most of these advertisements evoke emotional thinking, rather than rational thinking. When all our emotional responses are triggered, we are successfully influenced into buying the product. The Dornsifes also discussed Emotive Responses to advertisements. According to them, the advertising firms have to create surprise and joy, to keep viewers involved. They also have to create an “emotional rollercoaster” so the viewers will keep watching the ad due to the emotions they are experiencing.

It was no surprise when the very first Aldub commercial went out in 2015, a lot of people went to buy Mcdonald’s meals to avail the Aldub limited edition posters or influenced to buy the fresh chicken fillet in which Maine was seen eating. I am one of those people. I was even able to acquire 4 posters from it.

With the newly released ad, thankfully for me, I wasn’t influenced much to grab myself a Mcdonald’s product, but only because I am currently on a diet. I was very thankful to Mcdonalds for actually putting this commercial up. Activists, hate me all you want, but I appreciate all the efforts made to be able to treat Aldub fans like me. Hence, I succumb!

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