Crumb Announces New Album ‘AMAMA’ with Single & Video for Title Track Out Now

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Crumb, the New York City-based band consisting of half-Malaysian singer and multi-instrumentalist Lila Ramani, keyboardist, and saxophonist Bri Aronow, bassist Jesse Brotter, and drummer Jonathan Gilad, is set to release their third full-length album, titled ‘AMAMA,’ on May 17th via Crumb Records. This highly anticipated album represents a culmination of the band’s artistic evolution, showcasing their most carefree and open-hearted endeavor yet. With poetic abstraction and confessional self-awareness at its core, Crumb ‘AMAMA’ promises to resonate deeply with listeners.

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Accompanying the album announcement is the release of its title track, Crumb ‘AMAMA,” which serves as a vibrant and optimistic homage to Ramani’s grandmother, blending elements of her Malaysian-Indian heritage seamlessly into the band’s signature sound. The song’s upbeat melody and heartfelt lyrics pay tribute to familial love and heritage, making it a standout single from the upcoming album.

In discussing the album and its lead single, Ramani reflects on the inspiration behind “AMAMA”: ” ‘AMAMA’ is dedicated to my namesake, my grandmother, whose voice is sampled throughout the song. A video sent to me over WhatsApp of her singing originally inspired the melody and ethos of the song, from which I built its glitchy, warped foundation. It’s a love song!” Ramani’s partner and Crumb’s creative director, Abraham El Makawy, directed the accompanying video, which features archival footage of their childhood neighborhood, home videos from the band, and animated drawings contributed by fans.

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Crumb ‘AMAMA’ represents a convergence of psychedelic, pop, jazz, and rock influences, solidifying Crumb’s identity as a band with a sound uniquely their own. Produced alongside Johnscott Sanford and Jonathan Rado in Los Angeles, the album explores themes of searching for stability, connection, and clarity amidst the turbulence of life.

Building on the success of their 2023 single “Le Temple Volant” with Melody’s Echo Chamber, which garnered acclaim from publications like Pitchfork, The FADER, and Stereogum, ‘AMAMA’ marks the latest chapter in Crumb’s musical journey. The album follows a cohesive trajectory from their breakout EPs ‘Crumb’ and ‘Locket,’ through their acclaimed albums ‘Jinx’ and ‘Ice Melt.’ Rolling Stone hailed ‘Ice Melt’ as “a captivating trek to the metaphysical and back down to Earth.”

With Indonesia ranking among their top 10 most streamed countries worldwide, Crumb ‘AMAMA’ continues to captivate audiences globally with their genre-defying sound and introspective lyricism. Fans can anticipate more new music releases from Crumb in the near future, as the band continues to push the boundaries of their artistry.

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