Escape Reality with PREP’s Latest Single ‘Getaway’ ft. Phum Viphurit

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London-based four-piece PREP has delighted fans with the release of their latest single “Getaway” via Bright Antenna Records, featuring the highly anticipated collaboration with renowned Thai indie artist Phum Viphurit. The track delves into the conflicting emotions of desiring a break from a situation while simultaneously hesitating to leave it behind permanently. Fans can listen to the song here:ย

Reflecting on their collaboration with Phum Viphurit, PREP recalls a serendipitous encounter during their tour in Thailand. Amidst the intensity of their performances, Phum introduced them to a secluded studio where they crafted “Getaway” together. The tranquil environment, surrounded by nature and children playing outside, provided the perfect backdrop for the spontaneous creation of the song.

PREP’s recent tour in Asia in 2023, which included appearances at VERY Festival in Thailand and Clockenflap in Hong Kong, marked a significant milestone in their career. With over 500,000 monthly listeners and subscribers from Southeast Asia alone, the band acknowledges the pivotal role of their Asian fanbase in expanding their sonic horizons and transforming their studio project into a live performance powerhouse.

Since their formation in 2015, PREP has been celebrated for their contemporary R&B and electronica sound infused with echoes of the late ’70s and early ’80s yacht rock. The band’s diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from classical composition to house production and pop songwriting, converge to create a unique and captivating musical tapestry that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

With “Getaway” marking another milestone in their musical journey, PREP continues to push the boundaries of genre-blending and sonic experimentation, captivating audiences worldwide with their infectious grooves and irresistible melodies.

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