Producers James Wan & Jason Blum, Director Bryce McGuire Discuss Their Latest Supernatural Thriller “Night Swim”

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Drawing inspiration from horror classics like Poltergeist, Christine, Burnt Offerings, and Jaws, the upcoming film “Night Swim” dives into the depths of fear with a touch of aquaphobia.

Director Bryce McGuire, whose upbringing in Florida instilled a deep-seated respect and fear for the water, explains, “I’ve always had water on the brain.” Recalling childhood experiences with hurricanes, boating accidents, and the omnipresence of the ocean, McGuire’s fascination with seaside thrillers naturally evolved. “Watching Jaws as a kid left an indelible mark on me,” he recalls. “Even in a swimming pool, I felt a sense of dread lurking beneath the surface.”

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“Night Swim” was adapted from McGuire’s acclaimed 2014 short film of the same name. Former baseball star Ray Waller (played by Wyatt Russell) seeks solace and rehabilitation in his family’s new home, complete with a shimmering backyard pool. However, a dark secret lurking in the home’s past unleashes a malevolent force that threatens to consume them all.

For McGuire, the pool serves as a symbol of status and allure, masking its deadly potential beneath a facade of fun and relaxation. “It’s sexy; it’s seductive, and that’s what makes it deadly,” he explains.

Producer James Wan was drawn to McGuire’s vision, praising his ability to weave mystery and emotion into the story. “Bryce had a compelling vision for how it could be turned into something bigger, stranger, and scarier while also being emotionally resonant,” Wan comments.

Likewise, producer Jason Blum commends McGuire’s script for its contemporary yet classical approach, keeping audiences engaged with its relatable characters and constant sense of unease.

Prepare to plunge into the depths of terror when “Night Swim” hits theaters on February 21, distributed by Universal Pictures International. #NightSwimMovie

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