Who is “Argylle”? Get to Know the Characters in the Spy Movie

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Step into the world of “Argylle,” a thrilling spy movie crafted by the imaginative mind of filmmaker Matthew Vaughn (“Kingsman,” “Kick-Ass”). Whether you’re drawn to suave secret agents like Argylle or prefer the charisma of bestselling authors like Elly Conway, this reality-bending spy thriller promises a character for everyone.

In “Argylle,” Bryce Dallas Howard takes on the role of Elly Conway, a reclusive author known for her bestselling espionage novels. Elly’s tranquil life revolves around her computer and her cat, Alfie, until the plots of her fictional books, centered on secret agent Argylle, start mirroring real-life espionage. Accompanied by Aidan, a cat-allergic spy played by Oscar® winner Sam Rockwell, Elly embarks on a global race against time, blurring the lines between her fictional world and reality.

Meet the characters of “Argylle”:

Real World (In the Movie):

  1. Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard): Novelist by day, cat mom by night, Elly is thrust into a dangerous global race when her fictional plots become reality.
  2. Aidan (Sam Rockwell): A real-life secret agent with a rough edge, Aidan meets Elly on a train, setting the stage for their dangerous adventure.
  3. Ritter (Bryan Cranston): The leader of a sinister spy organization known as The Division, Ritter is determined to keep his secrets hidden.
  4. Ruth (Catherine O’Hara): Elly’s mother and de facto book editor, proud of her daughter’s success but concerned about Elly’s obsessive devotion to her fictional world.
  5. Alfred Solomon (Samuel L. Jackson): Former deputy director of the CIA, now living in exile, shunned from the spy world.
  6. Saba Al-Badr (Sofia Boutella): The mysterious “Keeper of Secrets” in Elly’s and Aidan’s race around the globe.
  7. Alfie (Chip, real-life cat of supermodel Claudia Vaughn [née Schiffer]): Elly’s cat and closest friend, accompanying her on the life-or-death race.

Book Characters:

  1. Argylle (Henry Cavill): The imagined world-class spy, charming and determined to bring justice to those who deserve it.
  2. Legrange (Dua Lipa): Argylle’s nemesis, elegant, beguiling, and lethal, working for the highest bidder.
  3. Wyatt (John Cena): The self-described “muscle,” best friend, and main accomplice to agent Argylle.
  4. Keira (Ariana DeBose): In Elly’s imaginary world, Keira is a field tech who often teams up with agent Argylle and Wyatt.

“Argylle” promises a cinematic experience filled with espionage, danger, and a star-studded cast, opening in cinemas on January 31. An Apple Original Films presentation, in association with MARV, a Cloudy production, and distributed by Universal Pictures. #ArgylleMoviePH

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