LØLØ Releases Introspective New Track “2 of us”

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Welcoming the new year with a burst of pop-punk energy, LØLØ, the formidable force in the genre, introduces “2 of us.” Drawing inspiration from her struggle to break free from a toxic ex, the resilient and upbeat track combines intense percussion and buzzing electric guitars, complemented by LØLØ’s distinctive resonant alto.

Unapologetically sharp and unwavering, LØLØ showcases her scathing lyricism as she sings, “You still wear skinny jeans / and that should have been my first sign / that you can’t let go of the past so / why should I be surprised / that you’re still texting your ex.” As the song reaches its frenzied conclusion, LØLØ acknowledges that it takes two to tango, taking full accountability for her role in the drama and admitting, “I must be stupid, I must be dumb / guess that makes 2 of us.”

Sharing insights about the track, LØLØ explains, “I wrote ‘2 of us’ at a time where I felt very dumb. I couldn’t shake someone who was terrible for me. I thought they were being so thoughtless and stupid, but then I realized I was being just as stupid for even giving them the time of day. P.S. I’m sorry to my fellow emos who will be offended by the skinny jeans line…it was just a really good diss, okay?? I felt very sassy while writing this one, so a couple of the lines are pretty funny.”

The release of “2 of us” follows LØLØ’s emotionally tender holiday season track “snow in berlin,” a melancholic ode to the naive hope lingering in every unrequited love story, narrating the unraveling of a once-sacred relationship gone awry.

Having recently concluded tour dates in the UK and Europe supporting Against The Current, LØLØ wrapped up a 31-date North American tour in November alongside acts like Boys Like Girls, State Champs, 3OH!3, The Summer Set, and Four Years Strong, contributing to a dynamic and explosive pop-punk lineup. Amidst the tour, LØLØ treated fans to the exhilarating single “faceplant,” characterized by potent guitar hooks, dynamic vocals, and witty, charismatic lyricism—a perfect storm showcasing all of LØLØ’s most exciting qualities.

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