BALMING TIGER Releases Debut Album January Never Dies

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Seoul’s very own Balming Tiger has just dropped their debut album, ‘January Never Dies,’ and treated us to the mesmerizing music video for their latest single, “Moving Forward.” LISTEN HERE:

These guys are not your average music collective. They go by the name Balming Tiger, inspired by the iconic Asian ointment, “Tiger Balm.” They proudly label themselves as a “multinational alternative K-pop band” with grand dreams of making a global impact and forging a distinctive path in the world of K-Pop.

Their mission? To be the voice of today’s youth, to spread the vibrant culture of Asian youth worldwide, all while drawing inspiration from a vast array of global influences.

But there’s more to it than just music. According to Balming Tiger, their album’s theme isn’t about conforming to society’s norms. It’s about embracing love, believing in oneself, and taking steps forward. They’ve put their hearts into this album, showcasing the unique qualities of each member while weaving in some significant themes. The result? A precious masterpiece.

Oh, and don’t miss their music video for “Moving Forward.” Directed by the talented Japanese director, Pennacky, it’s a glimpse of the upcoming short film, “Moving For Word,” featuring the Balming Tiger crew. The full movie is set to hit Korean theaters later this year. Exciting times for this trailblazing collective!

“Moving Forward” is the latest gem from Balming Tiger, following their experimental track “Kamehameha,” the cinematic “SOS” in April, the radiant “Trust Yourself” in January, and the record-breaking “SEXY NUKIM” in September, featuring RM from the legendary BTS. “SEXY NUKIM (feat. RM of BTS)” even crossed the 10 million views mark on its music video.

Now, let’s meet the extraordinary members of Balming Tiger. The lineup includes performers like Omega Sapien, sogumm, bj wnjn, and Mudd the student, who’s been making waves on South Korea’s popular music TV show SMTM. Behind the scenes, you’ve got producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, video directors Jan’ Qui and Leesuho, DJ Abyss, visual artist Chanhee Hong, and writer Henson Hwang. Each member brings their unique artistry and energy to the table, contributing to the magic of their album.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. After the album release, Balming Tiger is gearing up to unveil two more music videos, including one directed by the talented Leesuho. The album’s captivating artwork was crafted by Milan-based illustrator GOODNEWSFORBADGUYS, with JNKYRD supervising the sound production and Norman Nitzsche taking on mastering duties. The DooRooDooRoo Artist Company is their trusted management partner.

Omega Sapien, one of the founding members and a sensation in the world of K-pop and K-rap, dropped his solo EP ‘WUGA’ via LuckyMe, featuring exciting collaborations with the likes of Grammy-nominated producer Baauer and Vernon of K-pop collective SEVENTEEN. His music pushes the boundaries of alternative genres, blending digital hardcore, hyper-pop, alt-rap, and electronica.

And the excitement doesn’t end there. Balming Tiger is all set to hit the road for their “January Never Dies World Tour,” with stops at renowned festivals like Iceland’s Airwaves Festival and Pitchfork London Festival. They’ve already rocked a US tour in March, including unforgettable performances at SXSW, NYC, and LA. In 2022, they made their mark in the UK and Europe, even gracing The Great Escape festival and Berlin’s iconic Berghain.

In a remarkable moment at SXSW Festival in Austin, they presented and headlined ‘Tiger Den,’ an all-Asian lineup featuring incredible artists like Shye, Tohji, L├śREN, Lunadira, and more.

And as the grand finale to their whirlwind world tour, Balming Tiger will bring their magic to Maho Rasop Festival in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 2nd. This is a journey worth joining!

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