Lunavela Releases “Pandering Meandering” from Upcoming Album “Imposter Syndrome”

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Lunavela, the talented Busan-based singer/songwriter and former frontman of Collapsing Cities, Steve Mathieson, is gearing up to drop his second single from the upcoming album “Imposter Syndrome” on November 26th.

The forthcoming single, titled “Pandering Meandering,” delves into Mathieson’s perplexing experiences with online dating, recounting a date gone awry. This release follows closely on the heels of his first single, “Six-Out-of-Ten-Friend,” which dominated the charts, securing the number one spot on SRN and holding it for three consecutive weeks.

Mathieson’s songwriting is a unique exploration of topics that often go unspoken, and he thrives on making listeners confront uncomfortable truths through his music. He notes that the more discomfort his lyrics provoke, the more successful he considers his work. “Pandering Meandering” epitomizes this approach, fusing lively pop guitar melodies with introspective, vulnerable lyrics.

Unconventionally, Mathieson often begins his creative process with a song title, crafting his ideas from there and working within a thematic framework for his lyrics. His signature style involves turning uncomfortable observations into catchy, upbeat tunes, inviting his audience to empathize with the discomfort while tapping their feet and sharing knowing smiles.

Mathieson, who once led the Auckland indie band Collapsing Cities during the late 2000s, has grappled with feelings of insecurity within the music industry. These struggles, especially during the creation of the band’s second album, led him down a challenging path. After nearly a decade of hiatus, during which he worked in mental health, Mathieson’s musical reawakening occurred in early 2020. Despite the tumultuous backdrop of a world facing COVID-19 and lockdowns, Mathieson decided to leave behind alcohol and the associated lifestyle, rediscovering his passion for songwriting and music.

He shares, “I’ve finally fixed the hole in my brain, which has been stopping me from doing music properly – social anxiety, not feeling good enough, not feeling hot enough, y’know the usual imposter syndrome that most musicians are plagued with.”

Since then, Mathieson has written and recorded “Imposter Syndrome,” an aptly titled album, with two tracks mixed by Dave Iringa (Manic Street Preachers). He has a slew of demos ready for a follow-up project. The album is slated for release in 2022, and Mathieson hopes that, contingent on the state of the pandemic, Lunavela will return to live performances as soon as possible.

In his own words, Mathieson expresses his artistic mission: “I guess, my job is to make you feel something in these crazy numb times in some form, whether that’s make you smile, laugh, cry, sing along, resent me, whatever.”

Listen to the new track, PANDERING MEANDERING hereΒ 

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