Affyn unveils game trailer featuring theme song by Warner Music artist J.M3

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Affyn has unveiled the trailer for its highly anticipated game, Buddy Arena, along with its captivating theme song, “Pick ‘Em Up,” written, co-produced, and performed by J.M3 (pronounced as Jamie), a rising artist from Warner Music Singapore.

You can glimpse the Buddy Arena world by watching the trailer at The song “Pick ‘Em Up” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms, accessible via this link:

The trailer provides a sneak peek into the immersive universe of Buddy Arena, a mobile arena brawler game set in Affyn’s NEXUS World. It prominently features J.M3’s in-game avatar as the main character, battling alongside the lovable character Purffyn. This dynamic showcases the strong bonds and resilience shared between players and their Buddies. Furthermore, the song “Pick ‘Em Up” is poised to become the game’s official theme song upon its global launch in the upcoming months.

Initially revealed in May 2023, this partnership highlights Affyn’s commitment to a collaborative philosophy and innovative approach. Affyn consistently seeks out potential partners in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 industries who share the goal of enhancing the audience experience through inventive tools and methods.

CEO Lucaz expressed his enthusiasm for this significant partnership: “At Affyn, we believe in pushing boundaries through strategic collaborations. Our dedication to innovation drives us to explore new avenues for enhancing the gaming landscape, and our collaboration with Warner Music Singapore exemplifies this pursuit.”

Furthermore, fans can look forward to seeing J.M3’s live appearance at Affyn’s event during the Grand Prix Season Singapore, which takes place during the F1 weekend on September 16th. Warner Music Singapore’s Managing Director, Gerald Ang, will also be a featured speaker on the event’s panel talk show titled “What in the World Wide Web 3.0: Forging The New Future.”

Buddy Arena is currently available on iOS and Android platforms in the Philippines. The game is slated to launch in Singapore and select regions next, with a global release planned for early 2024.

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