Surrey-based Filipino singer-songwriter Argel MDR releases “Lose Myself Again”

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Argel MDR, a Surrey-based pop singer-songwriter, has released his new single “Lose Myself Again” today. Produced by Grace Chian at Echoplant Studios, the song is a feel-good summer anthem that shares the conflicting feelings of finding yourself again.

The song begins with a catchy melody and upbeat tempo, setting the tone for a positive and uplifting vibe. However, the lyrics explore the more complex emotions of finding yourself after a period of change or loss. Argel sings about feeling lost and alone but also about the hope of finding yourself again.

The song is a catchy pop anthem with upbeat production and inspiring lyrics. It is about finding yourself amidst the challenges that life brings. Argel has honed his craft, developing a pop styling all his own, having been inspired by the dramatic vocal stylings of musical theatre performers like Ben Platt and the pop vocal stylings of artists like Sam Smith.

This song is about finding the motivation to find yourself again, Argel notes “Have you ever wished to find yourself again after losing yourself? Lose Myself Again is a pop anthem for those who’ve lost themselves amidst the chaos of life, and finding a way to rediscover themselves in an optimistic light. With an uptempo beat and catchy lyrics, this song hopes to inspire people who have survived any kind of obstacles or challenges in life; to dance their hearts out as they learn to love themselves to the fullest”.

Argel Monte de Ramos, also known as Argel MDR, is a Filipino-Canadian singer-songwriter from Surrey, Canada. He was one of the Top 10 finalists of CBC’s Toyota Searchlight 2021 and the Music Category winner of Surrey Board of Trade’s 2022 Surrey Art and Business Awards.

Argel moved to Canada from the Philippines with his family when he was 15 years old in search of a better life and opportunities. He is influenced by Sam Smith, One Republic, and Original Pinoy Music (OPM), and wants to use the power of storytelling to inspire Filipino youth and other immigrants through his music and theatrical performances. He is also an advocate for representation, anti-racism work, and inclusion.

As a first-generation Canadian, Argel has struggled to find his place in the musical landscape. He has found it difficult to balance wanting to dive into the local culture while not abandoning his Filipino roots. His new single, “Lose Myself Again,” shows the strength it takes to constantly find yourself while not forgetting where you came from.

“Lose Myself Again” is a refreshing and relatable song that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or alone. It is the perfect summer anthem for anyone who is looking for a feel-good song to lift their spirits.

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