Netflix Introduces Captivating Lineup of Unscripted Japanese Content

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Netflix’s lineup of unscripted content in Japan is led by five engaging shows that span the realms of variety, comedy, and dating.

During the APAC Unscripted Showcase, Netflix Japan Content Manager Dai Ota introduced an intriguing lineup of unscripted content from Japan, encompassing a range of genres including variety shows, comedy, and distinctive dating formats. This exciting slate showcases Japan’s distinct entertainment culture and promises engaging and diverse viewing experiences.

“We’re excited to move into a new phase of our content strategy, ramping up our investments in unscripted and bringing new concepts to the screen. We want to elevate the unscripted category with great production values and storytelling from Japan’s most innovative creative voices,” Ota said. Japanese reality series have captured global audiences, and Netflix is continuing to pursue fresh ideas across genres, with 15 titles currently being developed. “We are committed to being the go-to destination for immersive, authentic, and must-watch unscripted experiences,” Ota added. 


In Lighthouse, musician-actor Gen Hoshino and comedian Masayasu Wakabayashi (of the comedy duo Audrey) embark on a six-month dialogue based on a “single-line journal” concept. Through this unique approach, they candidly share their personal narratives, challenges, and vulnerabilities with each other and the audience. Gen Hoshino even contributes to the series with the opening track “Mad Hope,” featuring Louis Cole and Sam Gendel, and crafts five closing songs inspired by their conversations. This imaginative blend of comedy showcases a different side of these two renowned Japanese entertainers. The series is set to premiere on Netflix on August 22nd.

Is She The Wolf?

Is She The Wolf? is a dating show that initially began as “Who Is The Wolf?” on ABEMA. The show involves female and male contestants who possess concealed identities as ‘wolves’ and are prohibited from developing romantic feelings for anyone. In a collaborative effort, Netflix teamed up with ABEMA to expand the show’s reach and explore new narrative dimensions, making it accessible to a global audience. This series, which will be globally available on September 3rd, marks an intriguing experiment in storytelling and entertainment evolution.

Love Village 

This year, the debut season of the dating show Love Village on Netflix marked a significant milestone by introducing a fresh perspective. The show ventured into uncharted territory by spotlighting individuals between the ages of 35 and 60 who were in pursuit of love. This groundbreaking move marked the first instance of a Japanese reality show targeting this particular age group. As Season 2 approaches, the innovative concept will be further developed, featuring a new lineup of participants along with the return of beloved hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky. This creative evolution is set to continue captivating audiences and expanding the horizons of reality television.

Last One Standing 

Often referred to as the Squid Game of unscripted comedy, Last One Standing made its debut on Netflix last year. The inaugural season featured Japanese comedians engaging in a unique competition where they had to spontaneously create humorous narratives while portraying characters in a serious drama series. With the upcoming Season 2 set to premiere on October 10, a fresh batch of Japan’s comedians will step up to share more of their personal anecdotes. This new season maintains its connection to the original concept under the expert guidance of accomplished creator-producer Nobuyuki Sakuma. As the show continues to blend creativity and comedy, viewers can anticipate another round of entertaining and inventive storytelling.

Love Like a K-Drama

Love Like a K-Drama presents an inventive fusion, blending the elements of K-Drama romance with an acting competition. In this unique show, four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors form pairs, aiming to secure leading roles in six different K-dramas. The series introduces a dynamic dimension with engaging commentary provided by studio emcees including Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), Aa-CHAN (Perfume), Shusuke Fukutoku (Jarujaru), Hayato Komori (GENERATIONS), and Maria Tani. The show is scheduled to debut on Netflix on November 28, offering audiences a fresh perspective on both romance and the world of acting while bringing together talents from different cultural backgrounds in the realm of K-Drama.

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