Benjamin Kheng Returns with ‘Rock Bottom Blues’ featuring James Reid, Unveils Two-Part Debut Album ‘Gloomy Boogie’

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Singaporean singer-songwriter Benjamin Kheng makes a triumphant return with his latest single, “Rock Bottom Blues,” featuring acclaimed Filipino-Australian artist James Reid. This powerful collaboration serves as the lead single from Benjamin’s highly anticipated two-part album, “Gloomy Boogie.”

“Rock Bottom Blues,” produced by Charlie Kurata and Saint Kid, delves into the depths of emotions experienced during tough times and toxic relationships. The song reflects the pain of feeling trapped in a cycle of self-redemption and longing for a fresh start. Benjamin, Olivia Knox, Saint Kid, and James Reid co-wrote the poignant track.

Benjamin reveals the inspiration behind the song, describing it as being about love that left for a good reason, leaving behind hurt and struggle. The chorus resonates with the struggle for redemption, expressing the difficulties of rising from rock bottom.

The collaboration between Benjamin Kheng and James Reid creates a captivating blend of emotions and danceability, creating a quintessential “sad bop.” Their emotive vocal deliveries complement each other seamlessly against the infectious dance arrangement, resulting in a unique and captivating musical experience.

In the music video directed by Barnabas Chua, the viewers are taken to a mesmerizing dream world with surreal landscapes and natural elements serving as backdrops. The visuals perfectly capture the emotions conveyed by the song, inviting the audience to explore the contrasting yet enthralling world inhabited by the duo.

The song is part of Benjamin’s two-part debut album, “Gloomy Boogie,” set to release later this year. The album celebrates those who navigate life’s challenges while concealing inner turmoil and embraces the vulnerabilities and struggles that everyone experiences. Gloomy Boogie promises a captivating exploration of the human experience, celebrating the resilience of the “sad social survivor” through melancholic melodies and infectious rhythms.

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