Renzo Sy Comes Back with a Fresh yet Familiar Sound with his Latest Release, ‘Supernatural’

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Renzo Sy announced the release of their latest single titled “Supernatural,” which serves as the lead track for their upcoming album set to be launched in July. The song delves into the complexities of a failed relationship and the struggles of moving on, with a mix of folk and pop sound that Renzo’s music is known for. The single was recorded in Gino Doromal’s bedroom with the help of local music producers and indie musicians during their artistic retreat in the mountains of Cebu.

Renzo hopes to convey through “Supernatural” the idea that healing from a tragic experience requires not only personal effort but also luck and divine intervention. The song conveys a message of powerlessness and acceptance of the situation, but also reflects the anger that comes with it. Renzo believes that acknowledging one’s helplessness is the first step towards healing.

Aside from the single, Renzo has plans for several visual content projects, including a lyric video, an acoustic version, and possibly a live band performance. The artist has gained recognition for their previous works, with some tracks being featured on official Spotify playlists. With the release of “Supernatural,” Renzo aims to broaden their audience and gain more fans as they prepare to launch their debut album later in the year. Be sure not to miss the chance to discover the music of this rising artist.

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