Russell Crowe takes on his first leading role in a horror movie, playing the part of “The Pope’s Exorcist.”

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Before taking on the role of “The Pope’s Exorcist,” Russell Crowe had never starred in a horror movie.

“It was just something I hadn’t done – a genre I’ve never really touched at all. Scary movies put me off my sleep,” says the Academy Award®-winning actor with a laugh. “I’m incredibly superstitious. Moving in circles like this where you’re examining situations that the characters face… It’s not necessarily a comfortable place for me. Certainly, there were a lot of unusual things happening around us, but you keep your balance and see them as coincidences. Otherwise, you’re going to drive yourself a little bit insane.”

Fortunately for Russell Crowe, there were many tasks to keep him occupied during the production of The Pope’s Exorcist.

To fully grasp his character and its motivations, Russell Crowe engaged in extensive research, gathering all the information he could about the late Father Gabriele Amorth, the real-life inspiration for his role in The Pope’s Exorcist, whose stories were chronicled in the best-selling memoirs that the film is based on. Crowe even went to Rome and spent a week meeting with people from the Vatican who had known the Pope’s exorcist. Crowe says, “I have to say that the Church was very open for all of the rumors of the secretive Church. We were given some extreme privileges by those in charge at the Vatican.”

According to director Julius Avery, during their trip to Rome, he and Russell Crowe personally witnessed how highly Father Amorth was regarded and respected and how much he was loved. Crowe was determined to honor that legacy in his portrayal of the character.

While the film is not a documentary, certain elements have been adapted for cinematic effect. However, according to director Julius Avery, Russell Crowe remained true to the real-life character of Father Amorth, and his performance was grounded in reality. Avery believes that Crowe was able to capture the spirit of Father Amorth, which made his performance truly exceptional.

During his research, Crowe discovered that Father Amorth’s life had all the makings of a compelling lead character for a mystery thriller. He was an insider with unparalleled access to one of the most influential organizations in the world, but he also possessed strong convictions and an unyielding dedication to the truth.

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According to Crowe, even though Father Amorth always followed the line of the Church, he also made some controversial statements that were not always in line with the Church’s beliefs. This suggests that Amorth held strong convictions and was not afraid to express his views, even if they were unpopular. However, his colleagues and friends from the Vatican also told Crowe that Amorth never had any disagreements with anyone, which suggests that he was able to maintain positive relationships despite his beliefs.

“He had a certain, particular irreverent take on things that I tried to bring into the film,” Crowe continues. “He’s an individual, not a cookie-cutter man of the cloth. He rides a Lambretta motor scooter!”


About The Pope’s Exorcist

The Pope’s Exorcist is a movie based on the true stories of Father Gabriele Amorth, the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican. Russell Crowe stars as Father Amorth and investigates a young boy’s possession, leading him to uncover a centuries-old conspiracy that the Vatican has tried to keep hidden. The movie is directed by Julius Avery and is set to release in cinemas on April 19. The cast includes Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, and Franco Nero.

The Pope’s Exorcist is distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures, a local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Fans can connect with the movie using the hashtag #ThePopesExorcist.

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