WATCH: Final Trailer of Netflix’s Kim Boksoon

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Kill Boksoon is situated between being a top-notch hired assassin and a mother raising a child alone. Meet the deadliest assassins in this gripping action thriller movie.

Kill Boksoon is an action movie that follows the life of Boksoon, who lives a double life as a single mother and a legendary assassin for a top-tier killing agency called MK Ent. The film has gained early attention for being invited to the 73rd annual Berlin International Film Festival for the Berlinale Special.

Kill Boksoon key visual. Image courtesy of Netflix.

The movie explicitly showcases Boksoon’s dual life, contrasting scenes of her shopping with her life as a killer, supported by suspenseful and intense background music. Boksoon uses various weapons, such as axes, long swords, glass cups, ropes, and guns, to fight her opponents, providing a glimpse of the dynamic action sequence that the movie promises.

In addition to Boksoon, the appearance of Han Hee-sung, an unrecognized A-list killer, and Cha Min-hee, the younger sister of Cha Min-kyu and director of MK Ent, adds spice to the plot and increases its tension.

The highly anticipated movie, Kill Boksoon, has garnered global attention with its talented ensemble cast, which includes Jeon Do-yeon, Sul Kyung-gu, Kim Si-A, Esom, and Koo Kyo-hwan. The film is helmed by director Byun Sung-hyun, who is known for his stylish direction, exceptional character development, and compelling storytelling.

Kill Boksoon will be exclusively available on Netflix from March 31st, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

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