Voltes V: Legacy Mega Trailer Review

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After almost a year of making fans and spectators wait for GMA 7, in partnership with Toei Co, LTD’s live-action remake of Voltes V, the Philippine media giant has finally unveiled the official mega trailer of Voltes V: Legacy: the world is under attack, on the New Year’s Eve of 2023.

Like myself, many fans are expecting a lot from the Voltes V Philippine franchise, especially since according to GMA, they worked hand in hand with Japan’s Toei Company, LTD, the original creator of Voltes V, in the production of the upcoming live-action series. “Toei co, LTD saw the final edit of the trailer this week, and they were super impressed,” said Helen Sese, the AVP of GMA Drama.

Voltes V: Legacy Versus other Japanese Anime to Live Action Adaptations

Indeed, the mega trailer of Voltes V: Legacy Philippine franchise was impressive. I’ve only seen a few live-action series of original Japanese animation, like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Voltes V is a far better cry than the latter, but of course, given that Sailor Moon was released in 2003, that is no surprise. The first teaser of Voltes V: Legacy which was released by GMA in early 2022 was almost like Sailor Moon live-action, and I expected it to be that way because it is derived from an animation series. However, the Voltes V: Legacy mega trailer was an explosion! No wonder GMA decided to wait for almost another year for the whole production to be improved.

I did a few more comparisons with Voltes V: Legacy versus other Japanese live-action adaptations. One film that came to my mind was Toho and Fuji TV’s Inuyashiki live-action released in 2018, which was a wonderful anime live-action remake when it came to the special effects. The visual effects of Voltes V: Legacy was at par with Inuyashiki’s, but when it came to the sound effects and the music, Voltes V: Legacy is more than half a step ahead. Its top-notch sound effects were a perfect match to my Adobe-Atmos powered speakers on my POCO X4 GT.

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The second live-action adaptation that came to my mind after Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live-action was Japanese entertainment’s endless live-action adaptation of the Kamen Rider series. Kamen Rider has spawned almost 50 live-action adaptations from tv series to films since the 1970s and is continuing to do so up to this day, with the most recent series adaptation, Kamen Rider Black Sun, which was released in October 2022. I checked out its trailer on Youtube, and while it boasts a great set of Japanese actors including Hidetoshi Nishijima, the special effects of Voltes V: Legacy is far better than their own, at least in the trailer. I’m not sure if it’s a fair comparison, but tell me if you can think of more Japanese series that’s better than the most recent Kamen Rider, which is also under Toei Company, LTD.

More Thoughts on the Mega Trailer

No words can express how I was amazed by the mega trailer of Voltes V: Legacy. I sure expected a lot, given that Toei Company, LTD. was working close with GMA, but it wasn’t to this extent. The trailer is really, really good! It’s a far cry from GMA’s Alden Richards-starter, Victor Magtanggol in 2018, and it completely puts the special effects of the recently-concluded Lolong to fire.

The Mega Trailer had a lot of spoilers, which my boyfriend didn’t like, but it was expected, given that it lasted for more than 5 minutes. Nevertheless, it isn’t an issue to me because I’m sure that there’s a lot more to look forward to in its plot.

Acting-wise, all the actors did great. I was especially impressed by the portrayal of the villains. Many live-action adaptations of animations require fanciful and sometimes flowery acting, and the actors of the adaptation balanced the showcase of their characters: sensational and theatrical portraits without being superfluous.

Despite being impressed by the mega trailer, I’m not letting my guard down. GMA dramas are known to have great starting points, only to have been wasted after a rotten conclusion. I’m hoping that Voltes V: Legacy won’t end in bad taste, and of course, I hope that it starts well, as shown in the trailer.

GMA has not announced the release of the Voltes V: Legacy live-action adaptation series, but it is slated to air this year. I can hardly wait!

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