Jamie Kudo’s ‘Supernova’ Review: A Mystic, Bittersweet Track about Letting Go

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Even at first listen, Jamie Kudo’s first single, ‘Supernova,’ takes you into a mysterious trance. Such a distinct intro hooks the listener into wanting to hear more about what the track offers. We then hear Jamie Kudo’s distinct vocals and profound lyrics. Listen here: LINK

Influenced by Ed Sheeran and Lauv, Jamie Kudo gives contemporary pop a new dimension, which isn’t only derived from the two songwriting masters. When you listen to his song ‘Supernova,’ you dive deep into Jamie Kudo’s inner workings as he says, “This track is like the first sip of whiskey that you drink taking off on a plane headed to a place you don’t know for two, maybe three or four years, looking out and watching your city get smaller in the distance.

Jamie Kudo's 'Supernova' Review: A Mystic, Bittersweet Track about Letting Go

It’s the first time I’ve heard an artist describe his music as specific as something you see in movies. That specificity brings you deeper into Jamie Kudo’s trance and what his intentions are in writing ‘Supernova,’ so when you take a listen, the song’s meaning takes its rapid effect on you as he sings, “Happy that I’ll see you go I’ll be waiting for you back at home.” Immediately, you remember letting someone in your life go, accepting it as it is, even though it hurts. In Jamie’s last line, however, he says, “I don’t want to see you go,” being honest with himself.

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The song’s every element jives with the song’s meaning. Its mystical intro continues on with the rest of the song. It has been a while since I’ve heard a track as such. Upon listening to it, I’m reminded of the early 2000s artist, Binocular (Kevin Rudolf). The transcendental musical effects of Jamie Kudo’s ‘Supernova’ kinda’ bring off the same vibe but also tailored with a more contemporary sound.

Jamie Kudo's 'Supernova' Review: A Mystic, Bittersweet Track about Letting Go

As per Jamie Kido’s Spotify bio, he “writes emotional tunes about finding love, individuality, and introspection…” Hence, I can hardly wait about what this 20-year-old singer songwriter releases next. Meanwhile, follow him on his Instagram, and listen to his latest track, ‘Supernova,’ if you haven’t.

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