Renzo Sy is Back with Another Heartbreaking Track, ‘Can’t Be With You’

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Renzo Sy is back with a new song named Can’t Be With You shortly after releasing his return single “Wanted,” which was his fastest-growing song to date. The music and lyrics on this tune are direct to the point with a blend of frank and honest lyrics and vintage production as if the song’s title didn’t say enough about it already.

The song “Can’t Be With You” is an inspired piece. Renzo believes this song is unintentionally based on his past relationships’ inevitable outcomes. This new song shows more of Renzo’s excursion into synth-pop, indie pop, and city pop combined. It is led by well-known rhythms, along with a mellow bassline and synth, and is held together by vocals that thematically cut deep.

Renzo acknowledges that this song was initially just an experiment, but it ended up being incredibly unique. “Looking back, it was a bit difficult to write this one out lyrically because of all the feelings in play. Dealing with an inevitable ending to a relationship comes with a lot of baggage, but I think leaning into the baggage and confusion added the magic this track needed.” Renzo says that the lyric “I can’t be with you, what do I do?” is a firm summary of the entire song as it portrays the helplessness and confusion one might feel when knowing what you want is just something you will never be able to have.

On July 29, the Friday after the release of the track, Renzo will unveil his second official music video, same to how he did with “Wanted.” He intends to run advertisements on social media and perhaps solicit press releases from interested publishers as part of his promotion of this release. This is the second of his four self-produced tracks that he plans to release this year to expand his body of work and advance as an artist.

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