Careless Music’s Lesha Releases New Single “Demons”

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Lesha has released her second single under Careless Music entitled “Demons.”

Lesha has just released Demons and is scheduled to release two more songs in the coming months after the release of her first single with the label, “3:33.”

One of Lesha’s darkest and more alternative-oriented songs is called Demons. In the song, Lesha discusses how being open to your inner demons—whether they manifest as fear, insecurities, negativity, or self-doubt—can genuinely alter who you are as a person. She also says that eventually giving in to your inner demons would only allow you to provide a distorted image of who you really are to others.

“Demons was originally called ‘False Reflections’ ,when I first unofficially released it on Soundcloud back in 2016. I was 17 back then, and I was going through a rough time. I got bullied back in high school and wanted to write about how traumatizing experiences like that can really change a person and how they see the world,” said Lesha about the track’s inspiration.

Drum beats that had a ritualistic quality were added by Lesha, who used them as inspiration for the song’s major chorus (All my demons, whispers in my ear I hear them). She piled layers of her vocals and lowered the pitch to produce that eerie, ear-tingling effect with the “demons” theme in mind.

Since the debut of her first song in 2017, Lesha has been making waves in the regional music scene as both a singer-songwriter and a music producer. Her music is inspired by various genres, including electro-pop, alternative, hip-hop, jazz, trap, and EDM. Lesha has put out more than ten tracks that she produced and wrote since the release of her debut single in 2017.

Lesha will be getting ready for the release of two more songs after Demons, which is scheduled to happen in the third quarter of 2022.

Listen to Lesha’s “Demons” here:

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