Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Returns for Season 2

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It’s getting hotter and sexier! Stay tuned for more drama and romance! After a huge global reaction to season one earlier this year, the hit reality dating show has been renewed for a second season. Season 1 was in the Global Netflix TOP 10 (Non-English TV List) for three weeks in a row, peaking at #4 in the rankings.

The show followed a group of dedicated individuals on their quest to find love, form relationships, and achieve their own version of “paradise.” As our new singles embark on partnerships in the pursuit of love, fans can anticipate seeing more sensual encounters, adrenaline-pumping dates, and much more as they escape to “Inferno” island. What is the goal? Escape the inferno as a couple!

Single’s Inferno season 1 is available to watch only on Netflix.

About Single’s Inferno Season 1

On a lonely island, five men and five women are stranded. The only way to get off a deserted island (HELL Island) is to marry someone every night.

Those who become a couple can spend a day on “HEAVEN Island,” which provides high-quality food and lodging, while those who do not become a couple must spend their days on “Hell Island,” where they must be self-sufficient.

A unique survival and dating idea for attractive young men and women who must win both survival and love.

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Production Information

Title: Single’s Inferno Season 2

Producer: Kim Su-a

Directed by: Kim Jae-won, Kim Na-hyun

Written by: Ji Hyun-sook, Lee Jeong-hwa

Produced by: Shijak Company and JTBC

Distributed by: Netflix            

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