BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’ Track Review

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As the title suggests, BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’, the long-awaited new single, is serene and still. As expected from one of the biggest boy bands that South Korea and the Hallyu wave have ever produced, their latest track is full of depth.

BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’ is very profound. As many the challenges the group has faced over the years, one can say that based on Still Life’s lyrics, sound, arrangement, and overall atmosphere, the group has matured. They, indeed, show us that they’re the comeback kings of k-pop.

BIGBANG's 'Still Life'

Lyric-wise, BIGBANG speaks about what their life has been. ‘Still Life’ is about being nostalgic about life in general–from being young boys to adults that have been full of trials. Perhaps the group says goodbye to their most tumultuous days and says hello to a new beginning that’s full of stillness. One can say that the members have forgiven their past mistakes, and are off to a better start for themselves and for their fans.

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The 3-minute and 8-second song is reminiscent of both Western and Korean melodic and slow rock and alternative music, with its classic rock-driven lead guitars, and even the “lalalala..” vocables towards the end of the track. The whole accompaniment and arrangement bring about the meaning of BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’.

BIGBANG just reinforced the fact that they’re K-pop legends through ‘Still Life,’ and we’re looking forward to more of their music.

BIGBANG's 'Still Life'

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