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Many pop culture enthusiasts may get surprised by the wide range of pop culture products Shopee, the Philippines’ biggest online shopping platform has. Shopee’s most popular products are household items, accessories, and gadgets, but they also offer a lot of geeky and pop culture stuff.

For this blog post, I’m suggesting shops and pop culture-related items that you may get for yourself or give as gifts to your loved ones. Read on. Click each photo to redirect you to the item link, and checkout seamlessly.


Music lovers, album, and vinyl collectors out there! Here’s a vinyl and record shop that I’m currently raving about on Shopee! They have a legitimate album collection–from oldies, indie, and even k-pop. Check out their site to see if you have something you fancy.

The Beatles – Abbey Road vinyl: https://shp.ee/yvuq2rb
Howl’s Moving Castle Symphony: https://shp.ee/ip379zb

Harry Styles Fine Line vinyl: https://shp.ee/cv4ivkb
Two-Door Cinema Club Tourist History: https://shp.ee/6vk45xb

K-Pop and K-Drama Fan Kits

I was amused to see this shop offering cute and DIY fan kits. They have created kits for almost all popular k-dramas and for selected k-pop groups as well. I was also happy that the seller belongs to the same K-pop fandom as I am, Universe (just one of my fandoms, but they’re currently at number one), and I’m guessing that we have the same bias–Kino!

Pentagon Love or Take fankit: https://shp.ee/kdwznht
Korean drama IDs: https://shp.ee/rsfp4i

VIncenzo fankit link: https://shp.ee/e2hav6
Korean drama photocard sets: https://shp.ee/av3xc

Pop Culture Tees

Whether you’re into pop culture fashion or not, sometimes, it’s a great idea to pump up your outfits in a bit and incorporate your favorite pop culture designs in them. Pop culture isn’t just about entertainment, but also about the arts, characters, and even food! I’ve listed some of the coolest and cutest shirt designs that many Shopee sellers offer.

Pinoy Snacks Link: https://shp.ee/x2b6akt
Vincent Van Gogh tees link: https://shp.ee/9yewift
Home Alone tee link: https://shp.ee/s4quz9t
Korean and Japanese drinks link: https://shp.ee/a3drutt

Mindful Apparel from Shopee offers a lot of iconic prints–from food, brands, art, music, movies, and other pop-culture and non-pop culture stuff you can think of, and they’re very cheap! Each shirt starts at just P149, plus 10% cashback when you order this consumer day sale.

Prince tee link: https://shp.ee/7y3v4nt
Chucky tee link: https://shp.ee/s4quz9t

Japanese Manga

I’ve been a huge fan of Eiwa Manga Store since many years ago, and I’m happy that they’re selling many of their onhand manga on Shopee. We rarely have manga for sale here in the Philippines, so I highly recommend this shop. I hope that the manga you’re looking for is available in their Shopee shop.

5 Centimeters per Second manga: https://shp.ee/v9h9xwb
No Love Zone Manga set: https://shp.ee/vp75ge
Jujutsu Kaisen manga: https://shp.ee/y48rnib
Sakura Clear Card: https://shp.ee/cm4nv

K-Pop Candles

I’m really into candles these days, and while searching for the right candles for my taste, I was surprised to see a lot of K-pop-themed candles! If you’re a huge k-pop fan, then having these candles is a bonus to your k-pop collection. Some of these even represent the favorite scent of your fave k-pop idols.

K-pop collection candle link: https://shp.ee/zz72umt
NCT Dream member candle: https://shp.ee/fx2cabt
EXO candle link: https://shp.ee/aqdhq9t
BLACKPINK Candle Set: https://shp.ee/qxp829t

Pop Culture Toys

Demon Slayer Action Figure: https://shp.ee/vz3muhb
Authentic Funk Pop Toys: https://shp.ee/xcqujtb
Big Bang Theory Funko Shake: https://shp.ee/abzqzsb

Forme Pop Culture Shirts, Pajamas, and Accessories (Clueless, Mean Girls

I’ve recently gone out with my friends (after not meeting up for a long time), and we went window shopping at the mall. We dropped by the forme store, and I was delighted to see their line of pop culture tees, pajamas, and accessories, specifically about two of my fave teen films, Clueless and Mean Girls. Hence, I impulsively bought them. I decided to search for them on Shopee so that fans of the said films can buy them online, with exclusive deals.

Clueless bucket hat: https://shp.ee/bc34gjt
Clueless red pullover: https://shp.ee/wqpccmt
Mean girls pajamas: https://shp.ee/kqfpmpt
Mean Girls graphic tee: https://shp.ee/9jie3tt

K-Pop Official Albums and Merch

This blog post won’t be without a k-pop-related item recommendation, so there you go.

Onhand Enhypen Dimension: Answer: https://shp.ee/gt2494t
Popcorn Sleeves: https://shp.ee/hvhyd5t
BTS Dynamite Funko Pop: https://shp.ee/qumuiwb


Killing Commendatore: https://shp.ee/73xyxqt
Letters from a Stoic: https://shp.ee/5zy9pgt

P-Pop Items

There are only a few P-pop items available in the market, but I’m glad that you can still find a lot of stuff on Shopee.

BGYO/SB19 Lightsticks: https://shp.ee/s65h8rb
BGYO/SB19 Acrylic Standees: https://shp.ee/c4cmjwb
SB19 MAPA Official Tee: https://shp.ee/vcpzkpt
VXON Unofficial Lomo Cards: https://shp.ee/gkw5zab

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