Introducing Fitz Shioda and his Classy, Jazzy, Chill Music

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One of my favorite artists on The Pop Blog’s radar is Japanese-Filipino solo artist Fitz Shioda. I’ve heard of him for more than a year now, after being in the same online course as him. I followed and engaged with some of his social media posts, but it wasn’t until this year that I realized how a marvelous musician he is (my bad, I should’ve checked his Spotify early on).

Like many musicians, Fitz Shioda has been passionate about music since he was young. He started in grade school, all the way to high school and college when he began writing his own music. From being in rock bands, he took music seriously and incorporated his prolific musical influences into his art. When you listen to Fitz’s music, you’ll definitely hear an allusion to John Mayer, B.B.King, Bruno Major, and his local influences, Bamboo and South Border, among others.

fitz shioda
Fitz Shioda
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Even if we’re still introducing Fitz Shioda, he has already released several singles on Spotify in 2018, including Shadows, a slow song with a variation of crescendo. The agonizing emotions the song pours out made it reach 900k+ streams in less than a year. Kung Minsan Lang, a simple but intense anthem that would surely touch the typical Filipino “hugot” sensibilities. The song reached 100k+ streams in just two months. The track Lumina, is endearing and reiterates his love and the influences he got from blues artists.

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Another Fitz Shioda song that I recommend you listen to is FREE, his collaboration with another talented artist, vydd. It’s their summer song, based on its visuals. The song is a layoff from Fitz’s usual heartrending tracks. It is a nostalgic, chill, and hopeful contemporary track that brings good vibes–perfect for our mental health amidst a pandemic.

Fitz Shioda: For The Best

Fitz Shioda just released his new EP entitled, For The Best. Compared to his past releases, it dwelled more on acoustic and ambient sounds. His current single off the album of the same title, For The Best, is my favorite one because it reminds me of 90s music, and it’s also reminiscent of his old tracks.

For the Best tackles the heaviest feelings that I’ve felt during the pandemic–anxiety, heartbreak, helplessness, and hopelessness,” says Fitz. Overall, this EP is impressive. I’m pretty sure that some of you will argue with me about the best track in the EP.

If you want to hear a fusion of blues, pop, soul, and r&b music, listen to Fitz Shioda. Each of his songs offers a passionate and intense melodic sequence of love found, and especially love lost, which would delight Filipinos. The songs’ melancholic nature makes Fitz Shioda addicting to listen to.

Listen to Fitz Shioda on Spotify and Deezer.

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