Introducing At 1980 and their Single “We Were on Fire”

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Synth-pop At 1980 released their atmosphere-like song ‘We Were On Fire’ on August 6 via NewRetroWave, from their sophomore album Late Night Calls. The LP is presently accessible on all major streaming platforms and is available on vinyl, CD, cassette, and minidisc. The CD also features “California Nights” with a live video produced at Brighton Electric Studios.

The couple is well trained in the wave scene since Timecop both have based their works on Timecop 1983 and Dana Jean Phoenix. One-half of the duo, Josh Dally, was co-writing Faded Touch in the latest album of Timecop 1983 and was featured in the Daily Express. He was also included in the single ‘Let’s Talk’ by the California-based FM-84. At 1980 has collected more than 3.5 million plays on streaming platforms and reached number 8 in the iTunes Electronic Music Charts. They are supported by Daily Express, NewRetroWave, PrimeThanatos, Luigi Donatello, and Talk About Pop Music and Wave. Together, more than 6 million stories were received.

At 1980 is comprised of Adrian Quesada Michelena from Madrid, Spain, and Josh Dally from Brighton, UK. The duo has broad inspirations, such as The Midnight, Bryan Adams, and Def Leppard. Yet their latest album reflects on the likes of Electric Youth, The Midnight, and Bryan Adams.

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At 1980 leads us into the closing stage of a relationship with ‘We Were On Fire”‘ sensually cascading syntheses, which provide an elegant background of terrible recollections. We are driven on a lonely path of classic saxophones and sorrowful voices between nostalgia, romance, and the clear realization that the next step is to move away. In the LP, we are back in 1980, when Adrian Michelena, the founder member, was born, when every fashionista was marked in records of a king and vivid neon.

“We Were On Fire is the lyrical embodiment of the feeling and the mood of our album. The opening line of the song ‘All these late-night phone calls’ was where we took the album title from. The song tells a story of falling out of touch with an old flame and reminiscing over the good times that still live on as memories.” – Josh Dally says.

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