K-Pop Road Movie ‘K-Pop: Lost in America’ is in the Works

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As K-Pop is taking over the world, the robust and flamboyant genre is already taking music and culture altogether. To all rock n’ roll extremists out there, this is the reality. While many are still gazing and reminiscing over our favorite rock n’ roll road films like Oz and the fan-favorite cult classic Almost Famous, a musical road movie is in the works. This time, it wouldn’t be based on punk, rock n’ roll, or even indie. It will be a K-pop Road movie!

According to Variety, the producers of Interstellar and Parasite are teaming up to create a K-Pop road movie entitled K-Pop: Lost in America. The film will be directed by Korean renowned blockbuster director JK Youn, who directed two of the biggest Korean films of all time, Haeundae and Ode to my Father. K-Pop: Lost in America is set to be released in 2023.

K-Pop: Lost in America
From left to right: Producer of Interstellar Lynda Obst, Director JK Youn, and Producer of Parasite, Miky Lee

According to Miky Lee, producer of Parasite and vice chairwoman of CJ ENM, “K-Pop and K-culture have never been more in-demand. Combining CJ ENM’s globally recognized production capabilities with the brilliant minds of smash-hit creators Lynda Obst and JK Youn, we have no doubt that we will be able to showcase an extraordinary movie that will appeal to a global audience and K-Pop fans alike.”

K-Pop: Lost in America: The Story and My Expectations

K-Pop: Lost in America will be about a K-pop boy group that accidentally lands in Texas two days before their grand debut in New York City. According to director Youn, they are planning to cast real k-pop idols in the film. Auditions will already be held this month in Seoul, and this makes me so excited. I wonder who among the k-pop idols will audition and will be cast.

Many, if not all K-pop groups these days are all about good publicity and spreading positivity. Hence, half of me is expecting K-Pop: Lost in America to be a sanitized film about K-pop idols. At the same time, the other half is foreseeing a poignant drama, especially since the producers of Interstellar and Parasite and the director of Ode to my Family are behind it. I’m mostly expecting it to be about dreams, hard work, challenges, and quirky adventures that K-pop idols go through.

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However, I won’t deny that I want part of it to be real and dark. Like the film Almost Famous, I hope that K-Pop: Lost in America will also get to highlight the evil side of K-pop idols like sleeping with fans. Even if fans deny it, their idols are human. In fact, many of these K-pop idols are criminals themselves. See: Burning Sun Scandal. I would also like to see how hard these k-pop idols work and how sometimes, they won’t have time for their personal lives anymore.

Meanwhile, since the auditions are already starting this month, I can hardly wait to find out who the actors will be. This news is still a developing story, so stay tuned for our other posts about K-Pop: Lost in America.

Who are the k-pop idols that you want to be cast in K-Pop: Lost in America? Comment them down below.

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