Enjoy this season with Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’

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The highly-anticipated Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’ mini-album is now available via Sony Music Entertainment Korea. The seven-member and Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart-topping K-pop girl group follows up their EP Dystopia: Road to Utopia with yet another exciting summer release. Summer Holiday is a six-track EP that tells a unique Dreamcatcher love narrative with themes of love, obsession, and summer nights.

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The Intro tune on the mini-album kicks off a fresh start in Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday.’
It’s followed by Because, the main single, which emphasizes the desire to win and claim love. This song will captivate listeners with its melodic combination of string pizzicato and voices that create an uncanny atmosphere, characterizing Dreamcatcher’s refreshing music style that is both dark and elusive.

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With its theme of the desire to travel around the world, Airplane mixes up the mood with a distorted guitar and the electronic synthesizer. The song “Whistle,” gives an addictive melody and rhythmical guitar riffs. It conjures up images of summer nights filled with bright stars, while Alldaylong, a city-pop track, encapsulates the feelings experienced while spending the day with a loved one. The mini-album comes to a close with the ballad A Heart of Sunflower, which alludes to the significance of sunflowers, to represent love and fidelity.

Dreamcatcher has adopted a unique approach to its music, integrating rock, metal, and electronic components.
This seven-member girl group has captured the hearts of their fans due to their uniqueness, peculiarity, and authenticity.

Slowly but steadily, Dreamcatcher has achieved one milestone after another. They are now recognized for becoming the first female K-Pop group to top the Billboard Next Big Sound chart, as well as other notable accomplishments such as reaching No. 5 on the Billboard World Albums chart with their EP Prequel and No. 7 on the same chart with Nightmare – Escape The ERA. Listen to Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’ on Spotify.

Buy the physical album here: https://www.koreancravings.com/dreamcatcher

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