Pau Lina’s ‘Spiral’ is Haunting and Relevant in these Times

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Pau Lina’s ‘Spiral’ – With a future uncertain, Spiral is an ode to the lost, detached, and afraid.

Pau Lina makes her debut with her eerie track Spiral. She takes listeners on a trip to achieve peace of mind within 1️⃣-based producer Josh Frigo, Pau Lina creates a wonderful listening experience by fusing modern beats, ambient sounds, and symphonic components.

Pau Lina

The pandemic-induced lockdowns gave birth to Pau Lina’s ‘Spiral’. With the future being so unknown, Pau Lina wrote the song as a dedication to individuals who are feeling stuck due to their anxieties and look for consolation. Spiral is accompanied by a music video that is similarly magical and animated. Memories and thoughts spiral in and out of frames as time passes in the video, bringing viewers on a journey through the protagonist’s path to self-actualization.

“A constant fear of the unknown… the past, present, and future, and fixating on mistakes can be daunting. I’ve found myself letting fear keep me from moving forward time and time again,” says Pau Lina, “I hope my music can become a companion to those who share these sentiments and much more. Spiral ends with an uplifting note and is a small reminder to revel in the present.”

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Among other artists that we see and listen to these days, Pau Lina is the most relatable one. This pandemic has indeed brought us to a downward spiral of uncertainty and confusion. At least, Pau Lina’s ‘Spiral’ music video takes us a journey and gives us hope despite everything that’s happening.

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