Holcim’s Build to Win Promo Kickstarts in Mindanao

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Does anyone want a brand new car for free? Well, you better read on!

Holcim Philippines, Inc., the most trusted brand when it comes to cement and other necessities for buildings and structures, is launching its biggest promotion yet. In Holcim’s Build to Win promo, cars and other prizes will be given away. Anyone who buys at least 10 bags of Holcim Excel, Holcim Solido, or Holcim Wallright, or 5 bags of Holcim Skim Coat or Holcim Tile Adhesive for every 800 kilos of cement, gets one raffle entry.

The Build to Win promo will start on March 1 and end on November 20, 2021. In its duration, buyers of the said Holcim products may win up to 100 prizes, including ten cars: Ford Raptor, a Toyota Vios or Wigo, 14 motorcycles, 24 smartphones/tablets, and gift certificates worth Php8.5 million.

This promo will be very beneficial to households, especially those who just got married and want to buy a new car after building their dream house. It’s a win-win situation. Not only do you get the best deal out of Holcim’s superb products for your structures, but you also get a chance to get your dream car for free!

Isn’t the promo exciting? Since there are a lot of structures being built nowadays, this promo is just at the right timing! So what are you waiting for? Make sure to always choose Holcim for the best infrastructure products so that you always get a reliable, robust, and top-notch quality structure.

For more info, you may visit the Holcim Philippines official Facebook Page.

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