Watch: NCT 127’s Taeyong Jam to Ben&Ben’s “Pagtingin”

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Days ago, I realized that Asia is on the rise. In the coming years, the whole world is watching Asia, particularly East Asia. What with digital music’s peak, Asians have made it a point to lead innovation. Today’s biggest boy band is not from the west, compared to years ago when the Backstreet Boys rose to prominence. Twenty years after, it’s BTS that’s everywhere, and several boy groups, not just from South Korea but from Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, are following suit.

Apart from that, Asian-American label 88Rising bestows chances for Asian artists to come out of their shells and bring their music to the world. While in the past, people were mostly looking forward to the West when it comes to pop culture, now all eyes are on Asia.

Asia is really on the rise and on the route towards world domination. An example of this is this cute video that made my Filipino heart flutter. Several Filipino artists are also making it, and many well-known artists are admiring what the Filipinos have to share. Recently, the band Ben&Ben shared a video post on their Facebook page where Taeyong of NCT127 was jamming to their hit song, “Pagtingin.”

See the video below:

Ben&Ben truly deserves to be more known because of their talent and music, and I’m happy that they are expanding their reach and having popular k-pop idols as fans! I feel so proud, and now, I am much more confident that the 2020s and beyond will belong to Asia, not just in pop culture but also in finance, fashion, etc.

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