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BTS MTV Unplugged Performance Review

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The Pop Blog was able to catch the most-awaited BTS MTV Unplugged performance on the MTV Philippines channel. Here’s what we think about it.

I wasn’t surprised when BTS, today’s biggest boy band, was tapped to do an MTV Unplugged. As a millennial, I have witnessed several artists perform on the MTV show. And doing so was one of their legendary performances, often even put to DVD, like that of Nirvana’s, which was even Kurt Cobain’s last performance before his death. Other most memorable MTV Unplugged performances are that of Eric Clapton and my most favorite one, The Corrs, which were even made into a full album and sold a lot of copies.

Hence, BTS doing an MTV Unplugged is another milestone for the group. That’s the reason why I looked forward to their performance and scheduled to watch it live. BTS makes history as the first Korean group to perform at the show. Apart from that, I got curious about how they’ll do MTV Unplugged K-pop style in this new era of contemporary pop music.

Since we’re already in the year 2021, we couldn’t compare today’s MTV Unplugged to the past. I expected several changes, especially since even acoustic versions of songs are already not commonplace these days. I reckoned that BTS’ MTV Unplugged performance is mostly targeted towards Generation Z, and so they made it so that that market would enjoy the show.

I didn’t expect, however, that the BTS MTV Unplugged performance would be so short. The group only performed a total of five songs, including their rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” I was not satisfied by that number and expected that they would do more songs, especially the old ones.

BTS started off with Telepathy, performing in what’s supposed to be a playroom. Just like another music video, the boys are playful and tried their best to make the unplugged performance different from the original version. Kudos, most especially to the rappers, for making an effort to MC-style the performance to maintain the exclusivity of the unplugged version.

The second track, Blue & Grey, was a visual treat. Since pop stars like them cannot just simply change the song’s arrangement and mostly even the singing style, they let the videos make up for that limitation. It is MTV, after all. Nevertheless, fans would always be delighted as they hear their idols’ voices very raw. The performance also highlighted each member’s singing power, which is, as per every boy band, often undermined.

MTV Unplugged performances are not without song covers. BTS sang the song “Fix You” by Coldplay, which they choose to reassure themselves and their fans that everything will always be alright despite hard times. It’s a great choice, as the song reiterates what BTS is really about: being a source of comfort and sunshine to people, and that’s one of the primary reasons why BTS is beloved by millions of fans, and counting, and what has made them what they are today.

Performance-wise, BTS’s rendition of the Coldplay hit was heartfelt and poignant. I was so proud of the vocal line, as they really did a great job. Despite all of his naysayers, Jin has dramatically improved on his singing ability. Taehyung’s deep voice would make fans go gaga as usual. As expected, Jungkook delivered the ever-so-balanced hymns, and Jimin’s soulful and high notes are always a hit to me.

The last two songs they performed in the set were Life Goes On and Dynamite. This time, it has the feels and format of the classic MTV Unplugged, with a live band at the back. I admired the funky style of Dynamite and the simple acoustics of Life Goes On. Like the other songs, the members made it a point to get creative with their original tracks and transform them into this remarkable and legendary performance.

As I’ve always expected, BTS gave us another unique musical experience and a visual feast with this BTS MTV Unplugged performance. What’s your favorite song that they performed? Leave your comments below.

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