An All-New Season of Trailer Park Boys is Coming

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All you fuckers, rejoice! You heard it right! The Sunnyvale trailer park boys are facing 2021 with a bang! Starting January 1, we’ll get to catch the boys with new misadventures for their 13th season and will have ten sexy episodes. We can hardly wait!

What I’m most looking forward to is what they wrote that happened to the late John Dunsworth’s character, Mr. Lahey. Although the character died in the first season of their animated series, there might be more clues about how Mr. Lahey died in the actual series. I can’t also wait to see a new villain, in case they have cast new ones.

Where to Watch the All-New Trailer Park Boys Season

There’s a big change to the series, however. The boys have left their home in Netflix after, according to swearnet, the Instagram manager said that they did not get renewed by the most popular streaming platform.

It’s quite disappointing that they didn’t get renewed. It means less mainstream reach and more effort for marketing, but I know the series will still go places. Their earlier seasons won’t get deleted from Netflix, anyway. It’s just sad for me since I have an ongoing Netflix subscription.

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But we fuckers don’t have to worry ‘coz apart from Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles, the trio is cooking up new episodes and more of their shenanigans and other odd stuff outside of the series. All of these are happening in their own streaming platform, And the great news is, we get to enjoy all of their adventures for just 1.99USD a month. 

Whether we’ll see even better or worse seasons, everything will be worth it, especially for this unique and crazy series. 1.99 USD a month is a little chunk out of our pockets. Trailer Park Boys’ adventures are always something the fans will crave to consume.

The SwearNet app is going live in late December, but we can already enjoy many of their videos on their website, so stay tuned and follow them on their social media accounts. We are so stoked!!

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7 thoughts on “An All-New Season of Trailer Park Boys is Coming

  1. Because of Bubbles, I caught a documentary of Rush. It was awesome. This led me also to the lil ole country band documentary of zz top. Even more amazing!

    1. Agreed!!! They just also celebrated their 20th anniversary! I love them so much, and I’m soo happy for them!😻😻😻😻

    2. Thank you so much for commenting!😻 Yeah, I also discovered Rush! It’s soo cool how this series has come together and is still ongoing!😻😻😻

    3. How come Julian’s car didn’t have a trailer hitch on it when Jacob dropped it in the river?
      Who’s trailer was upside down in the river, next to it?

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