NBC’s Mr. Mayor Halts Production After COVID-19 Positive Results

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One of the series that I’m mostly looking forward to is NBC’s Mr. Mayor, starring Ted Danson and Holly Hunter. Tina Fey and Robert Carlock created it, so I expect a lot of fun with political and social commentaries on the side.

Its first season is slated to run starting January 7 of next year, and they have been filming. However, just today, they halted their schedules because of COVID-19 positive results after testing. According to Deadline, at least four cast and crew members have had positive results since Friday of last week, and some of the rest of the crew were exposed to them. Hence, there’s a dire need to postpone filming.

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NBC studios and NBCU Production Playbook are currently evaluating the situation to check whether they should continue filming the following day or not. Contact tracing is presently underway.

The series is fascinating, and it’s very exciting. As a fan of Ted Danson, I can hardly wait to see his take on being a retired businessman who decides to run for office as mayor of Los Angeles. He ran to prove that he’s got what it takes and that he can still do more in his life. Despite not having a lot of political experience, he wins. But oddly, he still has to figure out his purpose and the impact he has to make on the city and its people. All these are in play while confronting his additional issues, like his relationship with his teenage daughter and the other people that surround him. Most of all he ha to earn the respect of his biggest critic, played by Holly Hunter.

In case you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer below:

What are you most excited about the sitcom? I’m sure the role is perfect for Ted Danson. Let me know in the comment section below.

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