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Natalie 2V ‘Faded’ Track Review

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Natalie 2V just released her latest single, Faded, and it has two versions. The original one, which can be heard on Spotify, has all the workings of a hit song. Natalie 2V’s smooth vocals open up three or four seconds on the intro, gliding through different notes, and gradually bursting into the high chorus. It then flows smoothly with accompanying contemporary sound elements. You hear this varying technique in the entire song, giving us little surprises along the way. It’s definitely something that could be easily in the Top 40 Hits.

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The other version, which is on Youtube, is more melodramatic, with the piano dominating the background. It’s my favorite one because it gives the song a more poignant and painful overtone. The piano turns into a fortissimo to show a bit of darkness or loneliness. Natalie 2V’s breathy but clear vocals on this version have given us more surprises as the song progresses. Its gradual metamorphosis has evidently demonstrated feelings of uncertainty, longing, and confusion, as Natalie 2V sings, “And how did we get here baby, how did it end like this? Cause I really, I really tried oh, I really tried but…”

Natalie 2V has released five singles so far, but she’s already enjoying quite a number of streams. If you like or love Faded, you may check out more of her on the links below:

Spotify: Link

Apple Music: Link

Twitter: @Natalie_2V

Instagram: @Natalie2V

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