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I have never been more excited about Mindanao’s music than after discovering Luis Rabat. While only releasing three songs to this date, he has been one of the few artists whom I believe have great potential to make it to the top. His songs are easy-listening, danceable, relatable, contemporary while maintaining to be on the range of at least three generations (Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z).

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Recently, Luis Rabat has just released his current single, “Zombie.” Since I’m not so used to contemporary pop, I didn’t appreciate it much at first listen, but after listening to it repeatedly, I cannot get over it! And this is real. It will be a mistake if I just feature anyone from my country or region for the sake of it, but Luis’ music has the X-factor.

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Apart from his musical prowess, one thing that amazes me about him is his confidence and courage to do everything on his own, with the help of his equally-talented buddies, Pao LoFranco, KB Dalumpines, and Blaine Nasser (whose voice I’m very smitten), at least for Zombie. Luis makes his own music videos and promotes his own music. He reaches out to bloggers and journalists to get his music out there. And he creates those connections and learns from a lot of people as well. That’s very commendable.

Here are his other songs:

Puppeteer is one of my most favorite songs this year. Hearing it first was a delight and a proud moment, given that it’s a Davaoeño who composed and produced it. Puppeteer just everything that I look for in a song–it’s pop, soul, mellow, and a bit of rock in one. It’s a song which you can slow-dance to, and fall in love with.

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Happy Pill reminds me of The 1975, but it doesn’t mean it has no life on its own. It also has an 80s element, which I love. His collaborator, LeAntonio, has also provided a hip factor to the song with his unique rap voice quality.

Overall, I thank Luis for his music. It gives me a fresh perspective on Contemporary pop and gives my musical brain a hell of a ride. Not to mention, he makes me so proud as a Davaoeño.

Luis Rabat’s Links:

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