Would you Consider Chris Hemsworth as Superman? Check out this Fanart.

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I’m sure many of you have not yet come to terms with Henry Cavill not renewing his DCEU’s Superman slate, despite several rumors that he’ll come back as our beloved Clark Kent for the second installment of Shazam this year. Henry Cavill said that he would have to leave DCEU to focus on Netflix’s The Witcher. So far, the series’ mass reach has been limited, but we are expecting more audiences to watch it in its second or third season.

Meanwhile, since it is so hard to pinpoint a new Man of Steel, artist Apexform has presented his Instagram followers of a fanart edit with Chris Hemsworth being Superman. The artist apparently lets his followers choose a fanart he would render and according to them, Chris Hemsworth as Superman would be nice.  Check it out below.

Is it a yay or a nyay? Although no one could take the place of a Superman Henry Cavill in my heart, I think Chris Hemsworth would also be a nice fit. But nah, let’s let him stick to Thor, as he is still in the run for more MCU films in character.

As per Shazam, there have no updates regarding its release or for any other film release in Hollywood this year. According to hearsays, Hollywood us set to just cancel 2020 altogether. Meanwhile, let’s all work together so that we can lessen the burden of our front liners. Just stay at home and don’t break any rules.

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