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COVID-19 and Hollywood, Plus Local Guidelines

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The world’s current Covid-19 pandemic has lost many lives, but most of all, at least in my country, the level of inequality and the government’s priority is finally exhibited first-hand after its long concealment. During the first stages of the pandemic, the fewer rich and middle class weren’t worried; eventually, we knew that it was more than that.

The pandemic chooses no one. Everyone, no matter what the status is, is at risk. Hollywood stars, Nba players, all those we put on a pedestal were affected. Since they are influential and have many followers, their condition goes to show that the rigidity of the pandemic is escalating.

Just this morning, PST time, one of my favorite bands, Dinosaur Jr., announced on their Instagram that their beloved friend, Arthur Hurwitz, has lost the battle from this virus due to complications.

Other celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19:

The ever-so-gorgeous Idris Elba is infected, so what fangirl wouldn’t be affected?

Over two weeks ago, the world was stunned when Hollywood power couple announced on their social media that they are infected by the coronavirus.

Truth be told, it gives me a sigh of relief, in the sense that the virus is not part of a huge conspiracy. These celebrities and athletes whom many people admire can be huge voices to the many, to indicate that what we have today is serious. Many of these celebrities, like country singer Jackson Browne, have informed the masses to keep safe, stay at home, and take this pandemic seriously.

Meanwhile, since we are still in the midst of the pandemic, here are some guidelines to protect ourselves from it. Stay safe, and just stay home. Avoid spreading unverified news. If you are suffering from fever, sore throat, cough, colds, headache, and diarrhea, call any of the DOH hotlines below.

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