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Picks from my Spotify Release Radar in February 2020

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Goodbye, February! You were so fast! There are more songs than I could devour. I hope you check the songs of artists you haven’t heard of after checking out this post.☺

Spotlight by Jessie Ware – This girl never disappoints. I love how this song mixes contemporary, classic, and electronic (the synthesizers remind me of a Gorillaz hit).

Desole by Gorillaz and Fatoumata Diawara – More chill and orchestraic, Gorillaz always finds a way to diversify their repertoire

bloodstream by Soccer Mom – I’ve always loved any release from this indie band. They always remind me of my 90s female-fronted bands.

Great Heights by Y ARA – Another release from indie pop duo Y ARA to complete their first full album. I can hardly wait!

The Main Thing by Real Estate – This song off their new album is faithful to their older albums.

Patch Adams by Lions and Acrobats – This new song by the indie/post rock band is about being the “Patch Adams” (the movie starring Robin Williams) to the sick.

The Other Side by SZA Ft. Justin Timberlake – A simple contemporary r&b and funky tune can still move mountains, right?

Dark Blue by Throwing Muses – This song starts as more psychedelic, but continues to be truly Throwing Muses.

Wicked Game by Celine Dion and Chris Isaak – Celine Dion didn’t deviate much from the original, and it’s expected because she did the song with the original artist, Chris Isaak.

After Hours by The Weeknd – I don’t see a difference between this new release and old tracks.

Bad Decisions by The Strokes – Typical indie anthem with their usual unique guitars.

Neither/Nor by Moses Sumney – He continues to be out of this world.

Digital Lover by Crush – This song reiterates why Crush is one of my Korean crushes.

Enought is all I need by Bilal
– Bilal is always a mystique.

Knockabout World by Morissey

You are the one by Jocelyn Enriquez


Lonely Dancer by Tricky and Anika

Matrimony II by Tennis

SWING by Twice

Let’s Skip to the wedding by Eyedress


Get Me by Justin Bieber

Dialogue Du Vent Et De La Mer by Claude Debussy

This Means War by Skunk Anansie

The Sprawl (Live) by Sonic Youth


Paradise Lost (A Poem By John Milton) by The Used

Just Wait by Nada Surf – The band is now dwelling on being laidback indie guys, but I miss their more psychedelic sound.

Comfortable by H.E.R. – love her!

Emergency by Vince Ft. Zion.T – Mainstream k-pop fans eould devour this; it’s like a k-pop idol’s song.

Naubos Na by Oh, Flamingo! -The guys exploring on shoegaze (based on their vocals) is exciting.

under the ground by Nafla Ft. Dean – very American. Haha

Ang Pinagmulan by IV of Spades – I thought that without the fancy guitars, IV of Spades would almost only be a solo project of Zild, but this song offers a twist.

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays by Ash – I’m happy that these guys are still doing music. It’s especially perfect now that there’s an emergence of contemporary artists reviving the 90s with music highly influenced by the era.

Art by Jim Morada

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