The Pop Blog just Made it to Feedspot’s Top 20 Pop Culture Blogs

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Running a blog is no easy task. The basic hardships are writing, photography, multitasking, content brainstorming, and everything that my co-bloggers at the Davao Bloggers Society are good at. However, it doesn’t stop there. Even if you have great content, it doesn’t mean that people are gonna find out about you or if they do, it doesn’t mean that they will be converted into subscribers.

It starts getting trickier on the Marketing side. The Pop Blog is pretty new, and to be honest, I’m still having a hard time defining my audience. The current SEO and social trends don’t make this easier either. Gone are the days when you can improve your blog and statistics faster for free. These days, if you want it free, you have to invest time in reading, learning, and manually marketing your blog. And the worst is, SEO and algorithms change by the day. Thank God for non-profit organizations like Feedspot.

Feedspot is an online non-profit directory for all websites. It particularly focuses on blogs and vlogs, so if you’re serious about your online content creation and have a very limited budget, then Feedspot is the answer. Feedspot has a great google rank, so if people and brands are looking for blogs on your niche, then they would always look for directories. The best part is it’s free. All you have to do is submit your blog site, and the people behind Feedspot will analyze it. They also offer paid Marketing services for those who have a budget.

I’m so happy that this blog made it to the directory. It would help my blog a lot. Thank you so much, Feedspot! 🙂 Check the list here.

Special thanks to Ria Jose for helping me finally figure out my blog’s focus.

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