The Strokes just Announced their New Album + Four New Songs (Watch/Listen)

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I have a lot to talk about the relationship between music and politics, and I tell you, I already started a 3-paragraph essay about it, but it departs from my main topic, The Strokes. HELL YES! The Strokes are united once again! Just a few hours before this blog post was published, The Strokes performed at Bernie Sanders’ Political Rally and made a big announcement.

Despite not playing together for a long time since their 2016 EP, Future Present Past, they at par with each other’s solo work and side bands (Julian being busy with The Voidz, Albert on his solo work, and Nick on CRX). Their active Instagram account, @thestrokes, was almost all about each of their projects outside the band. It’s so nice of them to be supportive of each other. However, in December 2018, they finally promoted their tours as The Strokes, and a fan like me would expect nothing but a new album.

It wasn’t until this Bernie Sanders Rally in Hampshire that they played two new songs, Bad Decisions, and At The Door. They also announced their new album that will come out on April 10 of this year which might be called The New Abnormal. I can hardly wait!

Here’s the video to the entire rally with their full set starting at 2:21:00 (please wait for the audio as it won’t start until 2 minutes or so):

Here are the two new songs they played in the February 10 Bernie Sanders event:

They’ve also been playing other two new songs for the past year, The Adults are Talking and Ode to the Mets.

What do you think of their new songs? Comment below.

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