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Lizzo, the Grammy Winner Some of You Might Have Not Heard Of

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Whether the Grammys is a rigged game or not, there are some artists that deserve their nominations, to say the least. And one of them is Lizzo. Lizzo bagged 3 awards: Best Pop Solo Performance for the song Truth Hurts, Best Traditional R&B Performance for the song Jerome, and Best Urban Contemporary Album for Cuz I Love You (Deluxe).

Some of you have not heard of Lizzo yet, but I’m sure that like myself, you’ve already heard her songs, Good as Hell and Truth Hurts, which already have streamed in some Philippine radio stations and on ads (Truth Hurts is one of the songs from the Netflix film, Someone Great). So who really is Lizzo?

Melissa Jefferson, a.k.a., Lizzo is an American singer-songwriter, and even a rapper, who’s actually been in the scene for a while, but just reached the mainstream in 2019 and in 2020.  Lizzo was already quite huge in Minneapolis and has formed several musical groups there before going solo. In 2013, she started going solo and released her first album, Lizzobangers, which received raved reviews. In 2014, she got to work with Prince in his album, Plectrumelectrum with the band 3rdEyeGirl. In 2015, her second album, Big Grrrl Small World was named one of the best hip-hop albums during that year. It wasn’t until in 2016 that she released her first commercial release, Coconut Oil EP from which the song Good as Hell came from.

One thing that separates Lizzo’s music from the rest is that she cries for body positivity. Her albums have been inspirational to people who have been struggling with self-worth. Because of this, she is now hailed as the Queen of Body Positivity, in pop music. Listen to the lyrics of her songs My Skin, Juice, Good as Hell, Truth Hurts, and Fitness.

Since this world is not perfect at all, she has been body-shamed a lot of times, but all the more that she will fight for it. Just recently, celebrity Jillian Michaels received a lot of backlash after commenting on Lizzo’s status as a body-positivity queen, saying that we should only celebrate Lizzo’s music and not her body. She’s quite concerned that Lizzo is not in her ideal weight and that it might cause problems in the future.

While many of you might think that Michaels has a point, Lizzo, while she has not directly commented on the issue, has her own trainer and doctor.  Lizzo actually works out and keeps healthy. Aside from that, I believe that she’s completely happy with her body. And after all these accomplishments, including being TIME’s Entertainer of the Year, she could not ask for more. Hail the Queen of Body-Positivity Pop!🥰

Art by Jim Morada

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