Picks from my Spotify Release Radar in January 2020

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It’s the last day of January! Oh, how time flies! I decided to have mini-reviews and comments on some of the songs that were released in my Spotify Release Radar in January 2020. I’ll be doing this for the rest of the year, at the end of every month.

My musical taste is eclectic, so I guess almost everyone would have their own choices on my list. There are a lot of songs in my Release Radar, and to be honest, most of the ones that are currently there were already releases from the 3rd-4th week of January. Next month, I’ll make sure to make a list from Feb 1st until the last day. I chose the artists and songs that interested me most and the ones whose full albums I won’t have time to review. So, let’s get to it!

Wild Nothing – Sleight of Hand
I haven’t really listened to Wild Nothing’s new album, Laughing Gas, but what I’ve noticed at least for this song is it has a bit of dark 80s influence (the vocals and the synth). It still has the usual shoegaze, of course.


Margaret Glaspy – Killing What Keeps Us Alive
Another album I have yet to review. This might be Margaret Glaspy’s key to enter the mainstream. It somehow adheres to the current taste of this generation, without taking for granted the usual dream pop and indie-folk sound.

Ciudad – Goodbye, Brilliance
If you would ask me what band is it whose songs I would always like, it would be Ciudad! They have never ever failed me. ❤️

Tycho – Outer Sunset
This more upbeat track of Tycho would remind me of my SO when we’re together. Sweet! 😍

Mayer Hawthorne – M.O.
Another favorite in this list! If you love soul and neo-soul, you should really listen to him.

Barbie Almalbis – Comment
She’s back! It’s been a while since I heard a Barbie Almalbis song that has social commentary. This one is more in-your-face and would be relatable to many in this generation.

Asian Dub Foundation – Can’t Pay Won’t Pay
They never miss out on those sociopolitical tracks, and I still love them because of that. However, I really miss their old releases, especially those in the Community Music album. But I haven’t even listened to every song in their new album. My bad! I better make a review.😅

Cage The Elephant Ft. Iggy Pop – Broken Boy
This recent Grammy-awardee might deserve the win for Best Rock album. I mean, I haven’t listened to the albums of the other nominees yet, but I think that Cage the Elephant deserves their nomination, to say the least.

Katja von Bauske and Marketa Iglova – Kleine Weile
I have yet to research this song. It might be German (?) However, any song that Marketa Iglova is a part of will always be poignant.

Philip Glass and Feico Deutekom – Company: Movement II
Philip Glass accompaniment with Feico Deutekom proves to be more minimalistic than some of their individual works. This piece and Les Enfants Terribles: Scene 7 are my favorites in the album, Musical Offering.

Sandwich – Buhol Buhol
It seems like the band is going back to their 90s roots and more (I hear some punk sensibilities too).

One Click Straight – Bitaw
They achieved their attempt to make this song different from the rest because of the beat, but it still very reminiscent of their older tracks.

H.E.R. – Sometimes
This is the song H.E.R. performed in the recently-concluded Grammys which showed her flair as a multi-instrumentalist.

Al James Ft. Rjay Ty and Lexus – Repeat
Nothing screams more chill than Al James’ contemporary soul, rap, and R&B. I just didn’t like the style of the featured rapper in the last part of the song (I don’t know who is who).

Johnny Goth – The Better Place
Another indie band’s key to the mainstream is this song. Kids these days would like this.

Pixies – Chapel Hill (Demo)
Last January 20, The Pixies released 3 demo tracks from last year’s album, Beneath the Eyrie, which includes this track. I always love the rawness of demos. They’ll always have space in my blogs.

Chance the Rapper Ft. Randy Newman – 5 Year Plan
This is an unexpected collab from 75-year-old Randy Newman and Chance the Rapper. Chance the Rapper’s management called Randy Newman’s and since the latter heard that Chance was a good guy, he attended the meet-up. It was nice that Newman had a lot of freedom in writing the song with the rapper.l, according to his interview with Rolling Stone.

Eminem – Stepdad
I was always a fan of Eminem during the 90s. However, in this “woke” day and age, I don’t know if he still has an expanse in the musical universe.

Kitchie Nadal – Bakit
Could Kitchie have been listening to recent music? The music and lyrics are at par with recent OPM releases from Moira, Yeng, and This Band.

What are your picks from your January Release Radar? Comment them below.

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  1. I love that Cage the Elephant got to work with a legend like Iggy Pop! That was such a good take on the already great song. 🙂

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