98°, our Favorite Soulful Boyband and the Songs We Want Them to Play in their Upcoming Ph Tour

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98° was one of the boy bands that breakthrough during the mid-late 90s. But as a 90s boyband, they were a bit different from the rest. They didn’t dance; they mostly relied on their vocal abilities to serenade their fans. The members are also more masculine and “big” compared to other boy bands’ members. Most notably, they formed the group themselves, wrote their own songs, and started as an independent group, unlike other boybands. Hence, up to this day, Jeff Timmons, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, and Justin Jeffre are still together and are bound for a world tour.

The music industry must have been surprised that Motown Records, home to Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Boyz II Men, and recently Bruno Mars, banked on the white boyband trend (mid-90s-early 2000s) and introduced 98°. Motown is home to mostly African-American R&B, soul, and funk artists, and 98° was one of the very few Caucasian groups Motown signed. 98°, however, was heavily influenced by Boyz II Men and soul music, in general, so Motown didn’t hesitate to sign them up.

As this week’s Pop Blog crush, I’m featuring them because of their songs and talent. And we’re very excited about their world tour, with 3 cities in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, and Davao) in the line-up. If you’re going to their concert, you might want to reminisce about their songs before the big day.

Songs from 98 Degrees’ self-titled album:

Invisible Man

Hand in Hand

Was it something I didn’t Say

Don’t stop the love


98° and Rising:

I Do (Cherish You)

The Hardest Thing

Because of You


If she only knew

Fly with me

She’s out of my life – It would also be nice for them to sing their rendition of this Michael Jackson original

In 2000, 98° moved to Universal Records, and it affected their music entirely, so in my list, most of my favorite songs are from their self-titled album, 98 Degrees, and 98° and Rising album. I’m hoping that the songs they play are mostly from those albums. I’m usually using Spotify to blog music, but since 98° is not under Motown anymore, they can’t upload their first two albums, which are under Motown.


The way you want me to

My everything

The way you do

I don’t know if any of you are aware, but they released an album in 2013. I didn’t like it because it succumbed to the EDM hype during that time and in my opinion, it didn’t really go through Nick and Jeff’s vocals. But there’s a couple of songs which makes them come back to their roots as a Motown artist.


Can’t get enough

Take the long way home


Thank God I found you – This is more of a Mariah Carey song than a 98° song, but I heard from one of the organizers that they might play it on their Philippine tour.

Where you are – I’m sure that this wouldn’t be included in the lineup given that it’s Nick’s solo duet with ex-wife Jessica Simpson. It wasn’t a huge hit but it’s one of my most favorite songs released during the millennium. I hope you can check it out.

Are you excited for their concert? What songs do you want them to play? Comment below.

Click this for the link of their concert details and where to buy tickets

Art by Jim Morada

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