Year of the rat 2020 predictions

Here’s what you should do to have better luck in 2020, according to your animal sign

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat and will run from January 25, 2020, until February 11, 2021. According to Feng Shui expert Maritess Allen, in her interview with Boy Abunda in The Bottomline, the prospects of this year are very exciting. The Year of the Rat is always the start of the 12-year cycle and it means that everyone has the chance to start something new, like a business or career.

Allen also said that 6 animal signs have a blessed time for this year, while 3 signs are a bit challenging. However, I believe that we have the ability to control luck most of the time. In Feng shui, experts would recommend charms that would help, but other than that, our personal choices will dictate how we get rid of “bad luck.” Examples are thinking before we speak or do certain things and dwelling on the positive every time dreadful things happen to us. Life is a cycle, so if we are down, there’s no way to go but up.

Instead of writing about the fortune of each animal sign, I decided to research on what people should do in order to protect their luck. Here it goes…

Scarlet Johansson is contending for an Oscar this year. Let’s see if her sign goes in her favor.

The Rat
Rat people are said to be quick-witted, resourceful, versatile, and kind. They will have a wonderful time, as it is their year. Almost everything will work in their favor, but it doesn’t mean that they should take this for granted and not to their work. Marites Allen said that they might be misjudged, so a little more patience can do the trick.

Nick Lachey has been doing his part, so prosperity abound for him this year, as he is set to have a world tour with the other 98 Degrees members, including Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

The Ox
Ox people are said to be diligent, dependable, strong, and determined. They are advised to clean up their act this year and work a little harder in order to secure a brighter future. They are one of the luckiest this year.

Manila mayor Isko Moreno’s traits are really of a Tiger’s.

The Tiger
Tiger people are said to be brave, confident, and competitive. They should continue to work hard this year and fulfill their goals. They should also let go of people who have negative energy. This year is their victory star, so they will be victorious.

Margielyn Didal has had wonderful years in her career as an athlete. We hope it will continue this year.

The Rabbit
Rabbit people are said to be quiet, elegant, kind, and responsible. 2020 should be a year of awareness for them. They should learn new skills and not be wasteful, as their animal sign is one of the challenging ones. They should take extra care this year.

Sarah G. has the charm and auspice as a dragon person.

The Dragon
Dragon people are said to be confident, intelligent, and enthusiastic. They are advised to keep a routine. The dragon’s robbery star will continue from last year, according to Marites Allen, so the dragon should be careful of their material things and even opportunities that might be robbed of them.

Last year has been hard for Gerald Anderson but it’s mostly because of the choices he made.

The Snake
Snake people are said to be enigmatic, intelligent, and wise. Last year might not be a very good year for a lot of Snake people, but this year, they will be able to rid of their problems as long as they remain positive and do everything to better their situation. 2020 will be a good year to find love.

Seungri’s misfortune went way ahead before the year of the rat, but he deserves what circumstances he’s subjected to.

The Horse
Horse people are said to be animated, active, and energetic. Being the Rat’s enemy, the horse people are advised to give up on all their bad habits and vices. They should try to make their relationships more passionate. They should also change the way they save their money for better luck.

According to the trends and her animal sign, Greta Thunberg will continue making waves in 2020.

The Sheep
Sheep people are said to be calm, gentle, and sympathetic. This year would be their year of transformations. It could be that they can change jobs, get out of bad relationships, or change their lifestyle. It’s also a great year to have a baby.

John Williams’ talent and hard work have always been the reason why he’s lucky.

The Monkey
Monkey people are said to be sharp, smart, and curious. The monkey is one of the luckiest signs for this year because it’s the rat’s ally. Their love, travel and social life will peak this year. Health and money are stable. Being spontaneous will be good for their career.

The stars have been aligning for Bong Joon Ho. We’re now looking forward to what’s in store for his film Parasite in the upcoming Academy Awards.

The Rooster
Rooster people are said to be observant, hardworking, and courageous. They will have a pretty good year, but they should avoid being impulsive, in order not to spoil their careers. They should also remember to budget.

Donald Trump, based on his animal sign and what’s happening, should be careful in his decision-making.

The Dog
Dog people are said to be lovely, honest, and prudent. They are advised to be more open-minded and flexible to have a successful 2020. Arguments might be present, so they really have to be careful. They should also be on the lookout for good opportunities that might knock on their doors. They also have a wealth star, so finances will be good.

SB19 fans can attest to Stell’s hard work and dedication in his craft, so it’s no doubt that his luck will continue this year.

The Pig
Pig people are said to be compassionate, generous, and diligent. They will continue to have good luck this year, but they should also maintain to do a good job in their relationships and careers. Health-wise, they have to take care of minor issues. Money is great, but they have to be keen about robbery (expenses and opportunities), according to Marites Allen.

Art by Jim Morada

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