Embracing our Human Nature through the Davao Ngilngig Film Festival

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It’s Davao Ngilngig Film Festival season once again! So what is this festival? Read to find out more about it.

Each of us certainly has the DNA that always makes us yearn for something new and different. Such a trait has a lot of marketers snag up their game. An example is the food and restaurant industry wherein according to insiders, people tend to grow out of a revered establishment in just a matter of 3 years. The businesses would excite us in the beginning, only to entirely fall apathetically in the end.

Despite this fleeting bunch of interests that hurdle us, there’s one aspect that continues to be derailed in the mainstream, and that is culture–cinema. The Philippine independent cinema has been quite successful in captivating international audiences but only a very few local audiences. Hence, many indie films start showing abroad or in arthouses first before showing in huge cinemas in the Philippines, and the latter would depend on the early reception of a film.

This is a sad reality, given that many independent films offer a fresh perspective and thought-provoking viewpoints that can address societal and psychological facts and events. They guide us on how we should think and how we should act in this beautiful and at the same time, sordid world we live in. This effect is contrary to what the mainstream film industry induces from its audience.

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One of the reasons for this is the lack of support is non-awareness. The indie film industry is still considered a niche. If you’re not part of the group or if you aren’t friends with the organizers, then you wouldn’t be aware, or if you are, you might be afraid in joining the crowd as they have set their clique already. However, the Davao indie film industry is very welcoming. Aside from that, it is the film that we’re after–the new thought and emotions that will strike us upon consuming those films.

If you’re in for a new experience, then there’s a new yearly avenue where artists come together to showcase their horrific or gruesome stories. This is the Davao Ngilngig Film Festival. What started as a little gathering of artists and enthusiasts supporting the horror films of Davao indie filmmaker Bagane Fiola, has evolved into something grand. From just exhibiting local films, the Davao Ngilngig Film Festival has expanded to having a film camp, film competition, film and art talks, short and feature films directed by world-renowned filmmakers in an exhibition, and even an opening and closing party for the festival.

According to one of their organizers Angely Chi, this year’s films aren’t only about one genre. They’ve expanded the term ngilngig into different forms. The term is mostly associated with horror or scary, but it actually also means something awesome, so for the scaredy-cats out there, the film festival isn’t just about horror stories.

It’s time to embrace our innate nature to always learn something new. Besides, aren’t you sick and tired of those countless lackluster mainstream films? See you at the events of the Davao Ngilngig Festival!

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