McCormick korean fried chicken soy garlic

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Soy Garlic Recipe Mix

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I blogged this to tell you how much I appreciate the McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Soy Garlic Recipe Mix. While I try to figure out how to make the sauce myself, I use this recipe mix for now because it has been my favorite ever since I grabbed it in the supermarket.

How I prepared the recipe mix (based on the instructions):

1. You’ll need thawed chicken wings (suggested 1/2 kilo per sachet set). I chose the wing part because it’s the part where the flavor really penetrates. Hence, it’s what is usually used for buffalo wings or any fried chicken recipes with sauce and dips.

2. Use the first sachet on the left, which is the batter mix (number 1). Mix it with 1/4 cup of water.

Here’s what the batter mix looks like after mixing it with water:

3. Now mix the chicken in the batter mix, as stated in the picture. I posted that on my Instagram stories.

4. Prepare your pan and set it to 350-375°F. It is said that it’s the best temperature when frying. Proceed to fry the chicken. I noticed that deep-frying isn’t that widely used in Philippine households but I always deep-fry because aside from the fact that it’s less messy, won’t splash and won’t hurt me, the chicken will be cooked evenly.

Done frying. In our family, we always cook more than enough that some of our friends joke that we cook for the entire community or in our barangay. Coincidentally, I cooked this after I voted in the barangay elections.

5. The next step is to open the sachet on the right which is the sauce.

6. After the chicken has cooled down a little, I put it in a container with the sauce, mixed them a bit, and shook the container.

7. Voila: Here is the finished product!

Yes, I like creating stuff when it comes to the kitchen, but I lose the confidence of making my own because of this recipe mix. Valued at less than 50Php, this mix is really a steal. It can even top some soy chicken that restaurants or fast food establishment offerings. Hence, I’ll continue buying this product. It has almost become a staple in our household.

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