Song joong ki blog post

Dear Joong Ki

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I forgot about you. I forgot that I waited for you patiently for over 2 years, all torn up, ‘coz they say your government doesn’t play favorites…until you faded away and I let others distract me for a while. I forgot that I went bonkers over this set of limited release polaroids featuring a less famous you six years ago; Six years ago when your country, I reckon, was more haunted (by your antagonist neighbor) than today and that I worried most for you. I barely remembered that it was this day six years ago when I was first spellbound by you. That you were one of the top reasons why most of my working life is devoted to Hallyu (even though I forget about it at times too).

I ceased to remember. I ceased to be with you on your comeback, and I cringe to the fact that you’ve become a phenomenon, in contrast to my expectations. Now, they’re all claiming it. Talking about you, claiming to be in possession of you. You’re just so beautiful it hurts. But remember this: They don’t love you like I love you. #malechery


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