Love Wins!

I just had to. In celebration of Love, Courage, Commitment, and Decision that transcend Religion, Race, Culture, and Sexuality. Just like the film “Happy Together” by Wong Kar-Wai, I don’t speak of sexuality, but the rollercoaster that is love, in general.

Believe me I try to understand what a lot of people who are against this stand for and even take into consideration the issue of the dreadful New World Order, but I can never imagine my LGBT friends not being with their soulmates or using and hurting other people just to be able to raise children of their own because of familial and societal pressure. Marriage is a manifestation of love, and I don’t want to keep it from them.

More than anything, my cynicism for love and commitment has heightened for the past few months but it was my LGBT friends, more than my straight friends (and even family) who showed me that there might still be real commitment, honesty, trust, and #forever LOL (?) To be honest, they might even be more deserving to get married because a lot of them would honor their vows more than us, their straight counterparts. I am very happy for them. PS: Ipon na para makaadto mog US hehe #hugot #polamatic #polaroid #80film

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