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Stanley Kubrick’s Genius: A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut

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For the past days, I have been a homebody, and surprisingly, I survived. Survival must not even be the term to be used. Whoa I had a good time baby! My current addiction is watching movies! I have been watching a lot of not-so mainstream films and reading plots of films I have yet to watch. I’ll try to review some of them decently if I think I get to use up like, 11% of my brain. The cobwebs in there need a lot of cleaning. Anyway, these films are really awesome!

One of the films I recently watched is “A Clockwork Orange” which was directed by the late Stanley Kubrick in 1971. This film was actually adapted from the novel of the same title. It’s about this guy named Alex who had an attitude problem. He did a lot of odious acts like raping and hazing. He is the leader of this group of boys that the police have been hunting for desperately, until one day, he was caught.

During the time when he was already imprisoned, a group of doctors, together with the government were experimenting on this therapy to transform “bad” persons into good ones. Alex was the one chosen to be the person to be experimented on and I won’t tell you what happened next. You better watch it yourselves because I just provided you the synopsis. If you’re my friend I can lend you my copy of the film. I just won’t tell you where I got it if you still want me alive.

Stanley Kubrick

I think that Stanley Kubrick is such a great director even though I’ve watched only a couple of the films he directed. The other one I saw was “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. There’s this bizarre feeling while watching his films. It’s not only because he’s really fond of showing tits in his films. I am really amazed and I learned more about cult status after his films challenged my curiosity.

Nevertheless, I also have to react negatively on his films, in connection to the bosom-showing. The women in two of his films are really used as objects. In “A Clockwork Orange” (which by the way was set in 2017), there’s this bar where Alex and his friends usually chill. The bar’s things like the chairs, tables and everything are of a naked woman’s body. Yes, you can say it’s for art’s sake, but once you get to see this beer-filling machine, I know all the women will react since in the film, the actors need to press the vagina-formed button and the beer flows out of the breasts of that naked woman-formed machine.

In “Eyes Wide Shut”, a masked ritual with women only clad in t-backs were one-by-one fucked by men. I have researched a bit of this ritual and I learned that this underground masked event was patronizing Hedonism. Hedonism is the philosophy that pleasure is the only pursuit of man in her/his whole life. Going back, yes, this is an orgy, but I think the whole ritual is rigged, in favor of men. However, hedonism was not only made for men, but also women!

Anyway, blaming Stanley Kubrick for that is a mistake if that’s what the ritual is in real life. Oh, screw me! I just wrote the term “tits” for breast. It’s even offensive for women.

That’s it for now. I’ll review more movies I have seen if I get to utilize like, at least 11% of my brain.

Watch these movies. You’ll learn a lot from them.

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